Crown roast with red wine
Seafood drying
Steak and potato dinner
Breaded Fish Fillets
Raw pork chops on display in deli
Family sitting around dining room table
Vegetable quiche
Saddle of Venison with Cranberries
Plate of buffalo wings and ranch dressing
British Meats in Market
Group of men having barbecue on decking
Ham with fruit garnish
Refrigerated Meat

Hotel Style Rib Roast

High angle view of a cup of milk
Chef drizzling garnish over pork chops
Raw chicken breast with parsley garnish
Fish on ice
Pollo alla diavolo (marinated devilled chicken), Italy
Fresh raw pork roast tied with string
Friends snacking outdoors
Roasted Chicken with Herb Stuffing
Salmon with dill sauce
Aubergine stew with pork (Italy)
High angle view of raw pork chop
Roasted meat with vegetables on plate, close-up
Fresh lasagna
Meatloaf, potatoes, peas and carrots
Ribs on barbeque grill
Pork chop with potato pancakes