You’ll Love These Easy Recipes – Even If You Hate to Cook

credit: Jeran McConnel
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Easy Recipes to Make
credit: Jeran McConnel

Whipping together a healthful dinner after a long workday and not opting for a quick bowl of cereal is sometimes a true test of personal willpower but it doesn't have to be. The next time you catch yourself staring blankly into an open fridge, stomach grumbling, wondering how to piece together a meal that's remotely nutritious, think about this list of easy go-to recipes—You'll love the ease of cooking an entire chicken and vegetable meal on one sheet pan, or baking a single casserole that will provide you with an entire week's worth of lunches. Now that's a no-brainer.

Oven-Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks baked golden-brown
credit: Ashley Manila

For a meal that's easy, budget friendly, and highly adaptable, baked chicken drumsticks are a great option to keep in mind when hunger strikes. Prepare other sides while they cook, and save the bones for homemade bone broth.

"Hard-Boiled" Eggs in Muffin Pans

Hard-boiled eggs baked in a muffin pan
credit: Ashley Manila

Never again will you have to worry about setting a pot of water on the stove—This recipe will teach you how to bake hard boiled eggs in a muffin pan that practically peel themselves.

Hashbrown Casserole

Serving of hashbrown casserole
credit: Julia Mueller

This comforting side is hearty enough to be served as a main and loaded with cheesy goodness. Our recipe only requires a few ingredients and no more than 15 minutes of prep time, plus you can store this in the freezer for a few weeks. Emergency casserole, it's a thing.

Sheet Pan Chicken with Broccoli, Potatoes and Red Onions

Sheet pan dinner with honey mustard chicken, broccoli, potatoes and red onions
credit: Charity Curley Mathews, founder of

Just imagine feeding your entire family, with only one pan to clean at the end of dinner. Would we lie to you?

Chicken and Spinach Skillet Pasta

Chicken and spinach skillet pasta with penne
credit: Valerie Brunmeier

When you've got a family to feed, hearty one-pot dishes can be your saving grace. This recipe, with juicy chicken, creamy sauce and fresh spinach, is sure to please even the pickiest eaters at the table.

Prosciutto Carbonara Pasta

Prosciutto carbonara pasta with fresh herbs
credit: Shaina Olmanson

The prosciutto called for in this recipe doesn't take long to crisp, making it perfectly suited for those nights when you're juggling one too many things and still want to eat something delicious. Ready in 20 minutes or less!

Slow Cooker White Bean Beer and Ham Soup

Slow cooker white bean beer and ham soup served with arugula
credit: Jackie Dodd

This slow cooker soup of dreams is like a bonus round gift during holiday season: a warm soup that utilizes leftovers, takes little effort to prepare and even freezes well.

Instant Pot Baked Potatoes

Baked potato with melted butter
credit: Jessica Kielman

We all know baking potatoes in the oven takes forever. But do you realize that you can easily cook baked potatoes in an Instant Pot in about half the time, depending on their size? Just add toppings!

Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

Mississippi pot roast cooked in an Instant Pot
credit: Jessica Kielman

A Mississippi Roast is usually cooked in a slow cooker and can take up to 6 hours before it's ready to eat. The Instant Pot strikes again with this spin on a classic recipe that cuts cook time in half.

Freezer-Friendly Chicken Marinade Recipes

5 simple chicken marinades you can freeze for later use
credit: Trisha Sprouse

A whopping five healthy, flavor-packed chicken marinades that are freezer-friendly and will keep those weeknight pizza-dialing fingers in check.

Tex-Mex Chicken and Rice Skillet

Tex-Mex chicken and rice skillet served with lime wedges and cilantro
credit: Valerie Brunmeier

Can anyone truly have enough of these wonderful, one-pot recipes at their disposal? We think not.

Simple Shredded Chicken Tacos

Shredded chicken tacos
credit: Jackie Dodd

We're hoping this recipe will inspire you to cook a double batch so that you can make Wednesdays "Pulled Chicken Enchilada Night" as well. Trust us, no one will complain.

Easy Taco Casserole

Taco casserole served with tortilla chips and extra garnish
credit: Charity Mathews, founder of

This spin on a classic casserole is easy to make ahead of time or serve fresh out of the oven, plus you'll find tons of flavor and spiciness variations to suit your family's preferences.

Make-Ahead Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole

Cheesy broccoli casserole ready for serving
credit: Ashley Manila

A warm casserole is the ultimate comfort food. But why buy store-bought casseroles that may be frozen, filled with artificial ingredients, or lacking in flavor, when you can make this tasty and straightforward version at home?

Asparagus Cooked in the Microwave

Fresh steamed asparagus is a perfectly simple side dish
credit: mikdam/iStock/Getty Images

Don't be afraid to turn to your trusty microwave on busy evenings to cook up some fresh vegetables quickly.

Italian Pasta Salad

Italian pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and shredded parmesan
credit: Sweet Caroline's Cooking

Italian pasta salads are the universal stand-by for office potlucks, barbecues or a quick weeknight meal. Prep this recipe on Sunday so you have a fast, ready-to-eat, healthful one-dish meal during your work week.

One-Pot Creamy Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta

Creamy tomato basil chicken pasta for two
credit: Abbey Rodriguez

This recipe may sound fancy but it is incredibly easy to make. Oh, and it's all done in one pan in under 30 minutes.

Pan-Seared Salmon

Seared salmon served with lemon wedges
credit: Leigh Ann Chatagnier

With this method of cooking salmon, you will end up with a perfectly seared piece of fish every single time.

One-Pot Whole Wheat Shrimp Pesto Pasta

Whole wheat shrimp pesto with basil in a cast iron skillet
credit: Leigh Ann Chatagnier

To cut calories, cheese is omitted from the pesto in this recipe and kale added for extra nutrients. You may also switch out the whole grain pasta for a rice pasta to make this whole meal gluten-free, depending upon your family's tastebuds and dietary needs.

One Rotisserie Chicken = 3 Make-Ahead Salads

Three variations of make-ahead rotisserie chicken salads
credit: Jeran McConnel

Did you know that all you need is one rotisserie chicken to make up to 10 lunches for a week of healthy eating? No, really!

One-Pot Caprese Pasta

The base of a one-pot caprese pasta
credit: Shaina Olmanson

Pasta is the perfect answer for a pre-soccer practice meal, with plenty of fresh mozzarella and a bit of basil so that it harkens to your favorite summertime salad, the caprese, of course.

Sheet Pan Chicken Sausage with Sweet Potatoes, Onions and Apples

Chicken sausage with sweet potatoes, onions and apples ready to serve
credit: Charity Curley Mathews, founder of

Roasting these flavors together on a single sheet pan and the juices will mix and mingle for the perfect blend of sweet and savory in every bite. Mmm.

One-Pot Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff cooked in a single pot
credit: Charity Curley Mathews, founder of

This one-pot update makes the classic eastern European dish even easier to create at home, with all the same creamy, tangy and satisfying flavors of the original.

Sheet Pan Salmon with Dill, Butternut Squash and Sugar Snap Peas

Salmon served with dill, butternut squash and sugar snap peas
credit: Charity Curley Mathews, founder of

For a colorful and healthful meal bursting with flavor, implement this simple cooking strategy in order to have each item ready at the same time and be one step closer to absolute efficiency.

One-Pot Butternut Squash and Sausage Pasta

Butternut squash and sausage pasta with garlic and herbs
credit: Julia Mueller

Use your favorite type of cheese in this recipe—Parmesan, Gruyere, or Gouda come highly recommended. Plus you may replace the butternut squash with any winter squash or even sweet potato for endless fall flavor combinations.

Quick and Easy Basil Pesto Linguine

Basil pesto linguine
credit: Jennifer Farley

For this dish, remember that the quality of your ingredients is crucial. Opt for the good stuff, like real Parmigiano Reggiano, which will make for pesto that's savory, nutty and nothing like the stuff you see for sale in a green tube.

Cheesy Eggs Baked in a Muffin Tin

Cheesy eggs baked in a muffin tin and finished with parmesan
credit: Jennifer Farley -

While these savory treats taste best fresh out of the oven (but what doesn't?), they're also ideal for busy families because you get a whopping 12 servings at once that you can easily refrigerate or even freeze to enjoy much later and pop in the microwave to eat on-the-go.

Sheet Pan Pancakes

Sheet pan pancakes served with honey and fresh berries
credit: Leigh Ann Chatagnier

After reading this recipe, you may never go back to making pancakes the traditional way ever again.

Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce

Homemade pizza sauce with fresh herbs
credit: Jennifer Farley -

Truly nothing beats homemade pizza, especially the sauce. Follow this simple recipe and you'll never want to waste money on jarred pizza sauce again.

Applebee's Spinach Artichoke Dip

Applebee's spinach artichoke dip with warm bread
credit: Jackie Dodd

The creamy, dreamy way this dip clings onto bread or chips, the tang of the cheese and bite of artichokes make this gooey appetizer a crowd favorite—This version is just as easy as it is delicious, it'll be your new go-to.

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