What Does it Mean to Be Someone's Valentine?

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Valentine's Day, celebrated on Feb. 14, is a day of celebration of love for another person or other people. Many individuals who are married, engaged or dating give gifts to each other on Valentine's Day as a show of affection for their significant other. When someone says that you are their "valentine," they are simply choosing you as the person that they would like to show fondness to on that special day. When people are married or dating, it is assumed that they are automatically the other person's valentine due to the romantic relationship that they hold.


Being a Valentine

When you are considered someone's valentine, not only is there a great chance that you will receive some token of love from your mate or friend, it may also be expected that you give some token of love to them as well. Valentine's Day is a holiday similar to Christmas, however, the gift giving is normally between two people who are a couple or possess a close friendship.


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Types of Gifts for a Valentine

If you are someone's valentine and you would like to get your valentine a special something for that day, then you may want to look into things such as flowers, a box of candy, teddy bear or even jewelry. Things such as cologne, fancy dinners, and technical gadgets (such as cell phones and computer software) may be a good way to go for a man on Valentine's Day. Just keep in mind that Valentine gifts are meant to be gifts of affection and should show your valentine that you had him in mind when you chose it.


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