Galentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your BFF

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Chances are you'll never forget Valentine's Day, but be sure to mark your calendar on February 13th too. That's Galentine's Day, a holiday to celebrate all your favorite gal pals. (Thanks to ‌Parks and Recreation‌ for popularizing the holiday.) After all, who offered a shoulder to cry on during all your breakups? Who was there every time you locked yourself out of your house? Who continues to be a text, call or knock on her door away, resulting in a forever friendship only the two of you understand?


To shower your besties in Galentine's Day love, we narrowed down the 15 best budget-friendly gifts she'll be sure to love. Read on for our favorites.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Hansel From Basel Caddie Sheer Crew Socks

As a kid, getting socks as a gift was a total letdown. Fast forward a few decades. Now, can you name anything better than a fresh pair of socks? We can't, especially when the gift is a cool patterned pair, like this Hansel from Basel set, given with love from your best friend. She won't mind that spring is still a few months away when she can have these socks peeking out from under her pants. For a real BFF moment, buy yourself a matching pair or the coordinating black and white set.

2. We’re Not Really Strangers Friendship Edition Card Game

Think you know everything there is to know about your BFF? You may feel confident that you can recite all of your bestie's most embarrassing moments and wildest dreams, but there's always more to learn. Nab the friendship edition of the We're Not Really Friends card game to really, ‌really‌ know all the nitty gritty details about her. With 150 cards, two pencils, one notepad and many girls nights' worth of fun, you'll get to develop an even deeper connection with your bestie by asking each other the questions and reminiscing on all your crazy memories.


3. Birth Month Flower Ring Tray

Whether your bestie is the type to always be losing her jewelry or not, a sweet ring tray would be a thoughtful addition to her dresser. This one would be especially beloved since it's made with dried flowers encased in crystal-clear eco resin in the shape of a heart. (Because you love her, of course!) Choose the flower that represents her birth month or whichever bloom you know is her favorite. Bonus: Hopefully you'll never hear her say she lost her favorite ring again.


4. Top Spiral Notebook

No one can resist the feel of cracking open a fresh notebook—especially one as charming as this floral Rifle Paper Co. design. With a top spiral, it's a modern take on a classic reporter's notebook, with 150 ruled pages, gold foil accents and brightly-colored blooms on the cover. Whether your BFF uses it for grocery lists, work meeting notes or her brilliant million-dollar ideas doesn't matter; each time she scribbles in it she'll think of you.



5. JIGGY Puzzle

We have an idea for your next girls' night: Pause the latest episode of ‌Real Housewives‌, put down your phones and take a stab at a puzzle. This Galentine's Day, gift your friend a JIGGY puzzle that you can do together. While we're fond of this floral design, JIGGY makes a slew of delightful, colorful puzzles—all created by female artists! Each is frame-worthy, which you can easily do, since the puzzles come with glue and a straight edge. Just think of all the quality time you'll have while trying to figure out where each piece goes, then click "add to cart."


6. Delicate Monogram Necklace

Monogram jewelry has been a mainstay jewelry trend for years, so if your bestie hasn't yet indulged, do her a favor and surprise her with this initial necklace. Consider this design a twist on the classic initial necklace. With an off-to-the-side design and petite glittery crystals making up the letter, it's equally subtle, classic and eye-catching. It's an ideal gift that feels personal without needing too much lead time or busting your budget. If you want to treat yourself to a coordinating one, we don't blame you.


7. Galentine's Day Greeting Card

Don't let your Galentine's Day gift go without a heartfelt message written in an equally-as-heartfelt greeting card. To write your gushiest of love notes to your best ladies, we love this cheersing design, created by an Etsy artist and printed on matte card stock. You may want to add a few of these carts to your cart. That way one can accompany your in-person gifts, and you can also sign, seal and deliver your happy Galentine's Day wishes to all of your gal pals in cities near and far.


8. Anecdote Adulting Candle

Adulting can be a real drag, filled with bills, taxes and oil changes. It can also be liberating, making your own decisions and carefully choosing your closest friends who may or may not give you a candle to celebrate your adulthood. This Anecdote Candle not only smells divine—named "Adulting" and smells like "early nights and steady paychecks"—but its cheeky design will bring a smile to your galentine's face too. One light of this candle, and her space will fill with the invigorating blend of fig and sandalwood infused with grapefruit and lemon, which makes for a clean, earthy and, well, adult-like scent.


9. So Extra Throw Pillow

We all have that one friend who is a little—okay, ‌a lot‌—extra. This is the gift for her. This oh-so-fun throw pillow would liven up her living room immediately. It comes in four different sizes, with a cheeky design that'll remind her of you every time she lays her head on it.

10. Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two

Create a time capsule of your friendship with this journal that you can both contribute to. Don't worry about the "every day" part of the title—simply fill out a new page every time you're together, each of you answering the prompt so you can reflect on your friendship and all the fun times you've had together. In a few decades you'll be so glad you got your memories and feelings down on paper.

11. Kate Spade New York Heart of Gold Bangle

Here's betting all of your Galentines have hearts of gold, so if they need a reminder, nab one of these Kate Spade New York bangles. The 12-karat gold bracelet has a "heart of gold" engraving inside, which is both subtle and sweet. This classic design is a match no matter her style too since it can be worn solo or stacked with other bracelets.

12. Color Series Photo Book

Scrolling through your phone, reminiscing on that girls' trip you took with your Galentine, is always fun. Printing the best, silliest, most you images into a photo book is so much better though. Artifact Uprising allows you to easily upload your favorite images, then arrange them into a printable book. Choose the cover color, size, and (of course) which pictures you want to include, then watch your pal tear up paging through the beloved memories.

13. Red Hearts Hand Towel

If there's one thing girlfriends are particularly good at, it's making even the most mundane of tasks—like, say, washing dishes—all the more fun. This chenille hand towel, which is extra soft and absorbent, does just that too. Whether you're using it to cook dinner together or wash the dishes afterwards, it'll instantly brighten both her kitchen and mood.

14. Pinky Promise Friendship Necklace

If you haven't worn a friendship necklace since middle school, it's time to add a grown-up version to your jewelry collection—and to your best friends' too. Buy two of these modern friendship necklaces, and then gift one to your bestie. Consider it a pinkie promise you'll be BFFs forever and always keep her close to your heart.

15. Tocca Crema de Mano

Trying to find a Galentine's Day gift for your friend who has everything? Chances are she can never have enough hand cream—especially if you live in an area hit hard by Old Man Winter. This Tocca hand cream, which comes in several fragrances, is rich and long-lasting, so it's bound to be her new favorite. Plus, its elegant design is both pretty enough to keep on her vanity and portable enough to throw in her purse. Win/win.


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