Desk Decorating: Halloween Edition

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Chances are you spend as much time at work as you do at home these days, so why not get in the Halloween spirit where it counts. From slightly silly to totally terrifying, take a look at a few thematic decor ideas. Note: Check with your facilities team for decorating rules and regulations before you start.

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Potions and Spells

If your desk space is limited, try adding subtle but eerie touches. Place a black and white photo in an antique frame and set it beside props like the vintage telephones you only see in classic horror films. Add a pot of candy and you'll have trick or treaters visiting your cube all day.

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Body Parts Buffet

Invite your coworkers to your desk for a Friday afternoon feast, but don't be surprised if no one goes in for the first bite. Collect chopped up body parts from your local Halloween store and display them in plates and bowls. Throw in some real snacks and candy, but make sure they're clearly distinguishable. You wouldn't want anyone to accidentally swallow a plastic eyeball!

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DIY Crystal Ball

If you're going to add a single item to your desk, make it the mystifying crystal ball. Take a glass bowl and line half of it with a plain black t-shirt. Pick a video of a mysterious fortune teller on your phone and place it, along with the black shirt in the bowl. Be sure to cover up the sides of the phone so viewers can't see the controls. Voila!

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Jarred Eyeballs and Skulls

A touch of red and a few jars go a long way when decorating a small space. Throw in plastic eyeballs and a skull in a clear jar filled with fake red diamonds for a truly sickening sight.

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Pretty Pumpkin Vase

If you aren't a fan of frightening decor, you can still get in the Halloween spirit with yellows and oranges galore! Make an arrangement with dark reds, oranges and yellows and place it in a small vase. Hallow out a pumpkin and place the vase and extra leaves inside to cover up the hole. Add glasses of your favorite holiday candy and fake candles for a not-so-scary sight.

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Blood or Juice

Along with the traditional skulls and pumpkins, up the eerie factor with corked bottles of blood, a.k.a cranberry or pomegranate juice. If you really want to creep out your cube mates, periodically take a swig of some juice, but don't let them know what's in the bottles. Leave them guessing for days.

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Set the Graveyard Scene

Fake spiders, grassy moss, and decorative tombstones are all you need to create the perfect haunted graveyard. Find inspiration in anything creepy and add spider webs and skeletons to complete the whole picture.

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Crime Scene 101

If you have the space, take advantage and set up a scene no one can miss. Outline a body on the floor and drape some caution tape around the area. Take it up a notch and dress plastic legs with your favorite pants. Stick them out from the side of your desk and -- why not -- add a nibbling rat for a true street scene. Totally gross!


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