Tea Bag Craft Ideas

Tea Bags
Tea Bags

Perhaps the most creative and unusual types of crafts are tea bag crafts. Tea bag crafts are simply crafts that involve tea bags in some form or fashion. Surprisingly, there are uses for tea bags outside of holding tea. The crafts listed below are just a couple of the innovative tea bag crafts available.

Tea Bag Folding

Rather than discarding your tea bags, use them to create kaleidoscopes. Tea bag folding is a craft of paper folding techniques that uses tea bags to create a geometric design. Tea bag folding has Dutch origins. The most basic fold of tea bags is the kite fold, which is simply a tea bag folded into the shape of a kite. Create a kite shape by folding one tea bag tile diagonally from one point to the other to create an equilateral triangle. Open the tea bag to reveal the folded crease. Fold both the left and right points to the crease in the bag, and you have just created a tea bag kite. Fold several kites and piece them together in various patterns to create kaleidoscope shapes.

Tea Bag Folding
Tea Bag Folding

Bath Tea Bags

Use tea bags to create your own bath scent. This craft is ideal for party favors, gifts or your own homemade bath scents. Simply cut open the very top of a chamomile tea bag, being careful not to tear the bag, and add 1 tsp. of dry lavender to the tea. Lightly shake the contents of the bag to mix the chamomile and lavender together, and then tie the tea bag shut with a ribbon. When you're ready to use the bath scent, simply placed the tied tea bag into a bath of running water. The lavender chamomile tea will infuse your bath and body with a lovely, light, and therapeutic chamomile lavender tea scent.


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