Christmas Raffle Ideas

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A Christmas raffle is one way to draw attention to a nonprofit fundraising event for the holidays. It's also a great option for raising funds during a Christmas party when raffle prizes include gift baskets, gift cards to local small businesses or even door prizes that guests may appreciate.


Raffle gift ideas

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Christmas gift baskets are always fun prizes to support a local organization, such as the PTA. If your holiday raffle supports a nonprofit organization, local businesses may donate items, such as gift cards, assorted organic foods, holiday-themed treats and other locally made goods. Contact the businesses well in advance of the Xmas event to acquire donated items and to sort and assemble gift baskets. If each gift basket represents goods or services from one local business, include the business card in the gift basket, as the recipient should know who donated the items.

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In some cases, a raffle might be for an expensive item, such as a new car from a local dealership. In this case, a large roll of quality raffle tickets is a must, as ticket sales may add up quickly. Make sure the tickets are the perforated type with a stub that the buyer fills out with their contact info to turn in, keeping the other portion of the ticket stub. Utilize social media to post the full details of the auction, including the on-sale date for the raffle tickets. The more pricey the prizes, the more pricey the raffle tickets and the longer the raffle should run.



Use social media to promote your raffle, especially if you're trying to raise a lot of funds for a cause.

Other Christmas raffle ideas

A raffle could take place at just about any location during the holiday season, and it may even offer holiday-themed gifts, such as a live potted Christmas tree, if the event takes place well in advance of the holiday. If the raffle takes place entirely during one gathering, such as a Christmas party, display all of the raffle prizes on a table near the front of the room so all can see them. Allow guests to purchase tickets for one specific prize by placing their ticket stubs in a clearly marked jar or wrapped gift box with a slot in it that's near the respective prize.


Offer raffle prizes gifts that cover different interests, such as a gift basket for prizes from a local pet store or those specific to a dog or cat. Other gift baskets might have toys for elementary-age children and another with spa-worthy products and gift cards. For an adult event, one gift basket may have assorted wines, cheeses and crackers, and there may be a nonalcoholic version featuring coffees, teas, cocoas and packaged treats to enjoy with hot beverages.


For items in gift baskets, consider wrapping them in translucent cellophane and use colorful bows or baubles to decorate the wrapped items. Gift bags are another option; in fact, you may wish to have mystery prizes with a particular theme for a fun raffle bag. At the end of the event, offer door prizes that are chosen based on either all attendees or all who purchased raffle tickets.

Have fun with your raffle! After all, the more fun it is and the better the prizes, the more your guests will enjoy the event too.



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