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Ideas for woodworking.
Ideas for woodworking. (Image: planing a table top image by leemarusa from

Woodworking is a hobby practiced by people the world over. It typically involves a wood of some kind that is shaped, cut, molded, glued or carved into something else. There is no limit to the types of woodworking projects one can undertake. A true craftsperson is limited only by his or her imagination. Sometimes, the most difficult part of woodworking is deciding what the next project should be. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

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Try your skill at building a birdhouse. Birdhouses make great projects because they are small and the typical costs are usually pretty low. There is also a simple functionality to birdhouses that offers the project great creativity.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are great woodworking projects. They are very simple to build and require a minimal amount of wood and wood screws. Plus, they involve very basic carpentry skills which make them a great choice for beginners. Use simple or plain wood depending on how fancy you want your chairs and you can even paint them.


For the woodworker who loves small projects that are high in detail work, a dollhouse is a good choice. The carpentry skills are basic, but precise. The costs are relatively low and you can make the project as elaborate or as simple as you prefer.


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