Ideas for Making Scarecrows

Creating a personalized scarecrow can be a family project.
Creating a personalized scarecrow can be a family project. (Image: scarecrow image by Andrew Kazmierski from

The appearance of scarecrows in front yards, storefronts and city parks ushers in autumn every year. The iconic form originally served to protect crop fields from unwanted wildlife, but now it represents an annual period of festivity and celebration. Along with pumpkins, bales of hay, winter squash and freshly picked corn on the cob, scarecrows embody the essence of fall. Crafting your own personalized scarecrow for decoration or function is a worthwhile project that only requires a little creativity and time.

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Semi-Homemade Scarecrow

Purchase an already made scarecrow at any number of home goods stores in late summer or early fall. Use clothing items you already have at home or sew your own shirt, overalls and gloves to add a personal touch to your scarecrow. You could embellish the hair with a store-bought wig and even add a pair of real boots to give him a truly solid foundation.

Toilet Roll Miniature Scarecrow

Use an old toilet paper roll to craft a miniature scarecrow, suggests DLTK's Crafts for Kids website. Print out the template, color the items, cut them out and glue them to your roll. This is a simple, inexpensive project to do with children during the fall.

Homemade Full-Size Scarecrow

Kids' Turn Central offers another idea for making a full-size scarecrow. First, take a pumpkin or stuffed pillowcase and carve or draw, respectively, a face on it. This will serve as the head for your scarecrow. Next, make hair from yarn. For the body, collect a shirt, preferably plaid, an old pair of overalls, boots, and work gloves and stuff each with hay or newspaper. Straw would also work. Stuff a stick up into either your pumpkin or pillowcase head and then stuff the bottom half of the stick down into your body. Tie your gloves to the ends of the shirt arms with twine and do the same for the boots and overall legs. Once you're finished, simply lean your new scarecrow against a tree or set him in a chair in the front yard.

Paint Stick Scarecrow

Use an old paint stir stick as the base for a scarecrow, suggests. Paint the top 5 inches of your paint stick with a tan acrylic paint. This will serve as the face for your scarecrow. Then cut out a shirt, hat and pants from felt, denim or any other fabric. Be creative and add flowers, decorative fabric strips or other embellishments to your clothing items. Hot glue all items to the paint stick. Add moss, straw or hay sticking out from the shirt arms and legs to complete your look.


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