How to Make a Fake Beard With Household Items

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Things You'll Need

  • White or colored fabric

  • Scissors or utility knife

  • Yarn or string

  • Cutting board

  • Spray fabric paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Fine-point marker

  • Tape measure

  • Spray or bottled glue

  • Cotton balls, old wig or hairpiece

Actors and trick-or-treaters use fake facial hair to complement a role or costume. Others use fake beards to depict famous or popular figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Santa Claus or Uncle Sam. Criminals and spies sometimes use false beards to disguise their facial features. Some public officials and famous or infamous figures use beards to prevent recognition. You can design a beard at home using a few common household items.

Cloth Beard

Step 1

Measure your facial depth with the tape measure. Note the vertical distances from under your nose to lips and from lips to the bottom of your chin. Measure the horizontal width of your face from cheek to cheek.

Step 2

Lay the cloth on your cutting board. Transfer the vertical and horizontal measurements to the cloth. Outline your beard on the cloth using the marker. Include a space or opening for your mouth. Add a dot for holes on each side of the pattern near the top.

Step 3

Cut out the overall pattern with the scissors or utility knife. Cut out the opening for your mouth. Punch through the side holes.

Step 4

Grab one end of the yarn and hold it at your left ear. Wrap the yarn around the back of your head and loop it around your right ear. Mark the yarn at the spot near your right ear. Cut the yarn 2 inches beyond the marked spot to allow for beard positioning.

Step 5

String the yarn through the holes and position the beard on your face. Check for appearance and fit.

Step 6

Lay the beard on the cutting board. Spray the beard with adhesive or apply small dabs of glue to the entire beard surface.

Step 7

Apply separate cotton balls to the beard pressing firmly. Cover the entire beard surface including lip area. Allow it to dry overnight.

Step 8

Spray cotton balls with fabric paint, using short bursts. Allow the beard to dry before wearing.

Hairy Beard

Step 1

Measure your facial width and depth. Trace a pattern on the cloth using the marker. Leave a space for your mouth area.

Step 2

Cut out the traced pattern with the scissors. Spray the cloth beard with adhesive or apply glue.

Step 3

Spread out the wig or hairpiece hair side down on the cutting board. Secure the wig edges with books or any heavy item.

Step 4

Place the cloth pattern adhesive side down on the hairpiece. Press the cloth onto the wig back.

Step 5

Cut out the beard using the cloth edges as guidelines. Cut out the holes for the yarn.

Step 6

String yarn through the beard holes. Tie a knot at each end to secure.


Eliminate the glue and cotton balls if you are allergic to glue or glue products.