Homemade Wooden Lawn Windmills

Build a decorative wooden windmill for your lawn or garden.
Build a decorative wooden windmill for your lawn or garden. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Windmills are not only an efficient way to generate energy but can serve as a unique, decorative piece for your lawn or garden. You can purchase a creative windmill plan or design one yourself. By building your own windmill, you can make one that blends well with your garden decor and outdoor needs. A wooden garden windmill may be just what you need to spruce up your garden since it can be painted or decorated anyway you choose. You can build a basic wooden windmill over a weekend or in a single day.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 pre-made wooden blades, 1 to 3 feet in length
  • 4 wood planks, ½-inch thick, 5-feet long, 18 inches wide
  • 18-inch square flat piece of plywood
  • Saw (optional)
  • Sandbag(s)
  • Sand weighing at least 20 pounds
  • Screws & electric screwdriver/drill
  • Nacelle gearbox or simple shaft

Video of the Day

Make the base of the windmill. Use a saw to cut the plywood into a 18-inches square or purchase a pre-cut piece from a hardware store.

Fill sandbag(s) with sand until the weight is at least 20 pounds. Place the sandbag(s) on the flat piece of plywood. The sand anchors your windmill down.

Join three of the ½-inch thick, 5-foot long, 18-inch wide wood planks together in the shape of a "U" using screws and the electric screwdriver.

Attach the U shape wood planks to the plywood base to make the tower. Use screws and your screwdriver to join them together.

Assemble the wooden blades. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you buy blades that are 1 to 3 feet long. Longer blades may scrub the ground of the 5-foot base.

Attach the blade assembly to the base and tower. Use the nacelle to attach the blades according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Join the fourth ½-inch thick, 5-foot long, 18-inch wide wood plank to the open side of the "U" to complete the box shape.

Decorate by painting or staining your garden windmill, if so desired.


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