How to Display China in a Cabinet or Hutch

This is an example of a poorly organized china hutch.
This is an example of a poorly organized china hutch. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Owning fine china allows you to have special dishes for special occasions, increasing the festive feeling of an event. However, keeping china stored up in a cupboard, only taken out to see the light of day a few times a year, is not way to take advantage of such aesthetically pleasing dinnerware. Instead, let your china decorate your kitchen or dining room when it's not in use by putting it on display in a hutch or cabinet. While technically there is no right or wrong way to do this, you want to present your china in such a way that does justice to the pieces.

Things You'll Need

  • China
  • Plate stands
  • China hutch or cabinet

Video of the Day

Lay out all the china that you plan on displaying in front of you. Look at the cabinet or hutch where you plan to display the items. Assess which shelf is at eye level with the average person. This is the shelf that you're going to display your prime pieces of china.

Set your prime pieces of china aside. Look them over and determine if there is one piece out of all these prime pieces that is superior or interesting. This piece will be in the center of the eye-level shelf.

Place the best piece of china in the center of the shelf. If this piece is a plate, place it on a plate stand or rack. Put half of the remaining pieces on either side of this center piece. The pieces of china should radiate out from the center in decreasing size. Repeat this process with the subsequent shelves of the cabinet or hutch.

Step back from the cabinet and evaluate the placement of all the dishes. Each shelf should have a central piece of china and an equal number of dishes on either side. The central pieces of china of all the cabinets should line up perfectly.

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