How to Install a Beach Umbrella

The National Association of School Nurses explains how too much exposure to the sun can cause extremely harmful effects on your body, the most common being skin cancer. Keeping your skin protected is key when you plan to spend time at the beach; therefore, knowing the right way to install a beach umbrella can be extremely useful.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Bucket

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Finding the perfect spot to set up your beach umbrella can sometimes be difficult in a crowded location. Make sure you allow plenty of room between you and the next umbrella over so as not to block walkways; otherwise, you'll get people traipsing sand all over your towels.

Using your shovel, dig a hole approximately 1-1/2 feet deep. The hole does not have to be extremely wide--just allow enough space to insert the umbrella pole.

Collect a few inches of water in your bucket. Pour the water down into the hole.

Drive the umbrella pole down into the sand pit. Push it down further than the hole you dug by a few inches for added strength. Fill in around the pole with sand and pat down firmly around the base.

Give a few firm but gentle tugs on either side of the umbrella canopy to ensure its stability.

Tips & Warnings

  • Moving towels and chairs is a lot easier than moving the umbrella around once you have put it in the sand, so be prepared to rearrange as the day progresses and the sun moves. Purchasing an umbrella with a tilting head is ideal if you plan to spend several hours at the beach.


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