How to Fix Couch Cushions

Your couch can take a beating over the years. The most common issue with older couches is that the cushions become uncomfortable. This is due to the foam breaking down and wearing out over time. When you know how to fix couch cushions, you can have cushions that feel like new.

Things You'll Need

  • Couch foam sheet
  • Batting
  • Marker
  • Electric carving knife
  • Utility knife

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Use a tape measure to measure the couch cushions. Measure them individually and measure them together. This will help when purchasing new foam and batting by making sure you get enough to do the project.

Purchase a high quality-foam from a local, well-stocked hardware store. You want to purchase a foam that is firm and thick. You can also find high-quality foam online at websites like The Foam Factory. You will also need to replace the batting when you replace the cushion foam.

Unzip the couch cushion and carefully remove the foam from inside. Even if the foam is worn, it will usually come out in one piece. Remove any inner batting material that may be attached to the foam.

Lay the old foam on top of the new couch foam. Use a marker to trace an outline of the old foam onto the new piece.

Use an electric carving knife to cut the new foam at your tracing. Electric carving knives work extremely well for this. You can use a utility knife if you don't have an electric knife.

Lay the new batting over the new couch cushion and cut it according to size. Replace the netting by pulling it over the cushion and the batting, if your old cushion had netting.

Insert the new cushion into the cover until it is completely inside. When working with end cushions, work the end in first and then maneuver the rest of the cushion in the cover. Zip the cover up when finished.


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