How to Hang the Gay Flag

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Things You'll Need

  • Push pins

  • Nail tacks

  • Wall mountable flag pole kit

  • Screwdriver

  • Hammer

Hang the Gay Flag

Showing pride and raising awareness are personal choices and can be shown in various ways and variations, but hanging a flag is one of the most obvious and easiest ways to support gay rights. Where you hang your flag depends on your personal decorating taste, but for whatever location seems best to you, you can learn how to best hang your gay flag for display. Take note of gay pride holidays and events for some of the best times to hang your flag, or learn ways to incorporate its hanging into your every day decor.


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Step 1

Display your flag outside on the side of a building or on any wall using a wall mountable flag pole kit. View the hanging side of the flag to be sure it accommodates a pole. Look at the bottom left corner of the on your flag (when held horizontally) to see if a pocket has been sewn along the side through which a pole can be slid; the top left corner, where the red bar of color meets the edge of the traditional gay flag, should be sealed to keep the flag from slipping down the pole. Follow the instructions on your kit and use your hammer and/or screwdriver to place the pole mount on the side of your wall and secure with nails or screws. Slide your flagpole into the pocket on the side of your flag, ensuring that the right side with the red bar is facing up. Place the base of the flag pole into the wall mount.


Step 2

Fly your gay pride flag on a flagpole. Check that the left edge of your flag has holes. Use the rope on your flagpole to lower the clasps until they are at your height and clip the topmost fastener into the topmost hole near the red bar of color. Continue clipping all other clasps into place, working downward. Hoist the flag to the desired height by pulling on the opposite rope. Note that, if you hang more than one flag next to each other or on the same pole, a national or state flag should always be at a greater height.


Step 3

Hang your flag on a wall for an easy way to show gay pride, while adding personal style and decor to a room. Use a large flag to cover an entire wall or feature a smaller flag as art. Align your flag as desired, horizontally or vertically with the red bar of color at the top for horizontal hanging, or the right side for vertical hanging. Use push pins to pin the top left corner of the flag to the wall. Hold the flag taught with one hand and use additional pins to secure the flag to the wall in intervals until you reach the opposite corner. If desired, pin down the bottom corners or edges. Note that this is a great way to display some of the less common, alternate forms of the gay flag which reflect your taste or associations.


Step 4

Frame your flag and hang it as artwork for a more refined or professional way to display gay pride. Use a professional framer or place your flag into a frame, placed upside down with the back removed, on top of the glass. Ensure that the flag is flat and wrinkle free with the red bar, the top of the gay flag, at the top of the frame. Place the back into the frame and secure in place. Hang your frame by placing the wire over the center nail or the nails within the frame-mounting loops.



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