How to Make a Pennant Banner

Decorating for a sports-theme party, celebrating a college admission, or cheering on your Little League star are all good reasons to know how to make a pennant banner. A pennant differs from other kinds of banners essentially in its elongated triangular shape. Pennants also frequently carry a short message. Follow the steps below to make a banner for your special celebration. Vary the size to meet your needs. The steps below will make a banner 1 foot wide and 2 feet long.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-foot by 3-foot piece of brown or butcher paper for pattern and lettering
  • ruler or straight edge
  • pencil
  • 2 sheets of colored felt, each 1 foot by 2 feet, in contrasting colors
  • sewing chalk
  • scissors
  • sewing pins
  • fabric glue
  • 1/4-inch dowel 3 feet long
  • staple gun

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Planning your pennant banner

Draw two identical triangles on pattern paper. The easiest way to make your triangles: Along the left and right sides of the 3-foot length of paper, measure and make dots every 6 inches. Using your ruler, draw two straight lines across the paper, one at the second dot on each side, 1 foot from the top of the paper, and the second at the fourth dot on each side. Make lines from the first and third dots on the left side to the second dot on the right. You just made triangle No. 1. Make lines from the third and fifth dots on the left to the fourth dot on the right. Now you have triangle No. 2.

Cut out triangle No. 1 and pin it to the color of felt you have chosen for your background. Cut out your pennant. Do not cut out triangle No. 2. This is the pattern piece you need to use for your message and lettering.

Write out your message on the edge of the pattern paper. Write every letter. This may seem silly, but we've all produced messages with a letter missing. "Go Egles" just isn't the same as, "Go Eagles," no matter how hard you cheer.

Count letters and spaces. Print out letters lightly on your pattern paper pennant. Use a light stroke until you're sure your letters fit right. When you're satisfied, use a heavier stroke to outline letters so you can cut them out.

Assembling your banner

Cut out pattern letters and pin them to second felt piece. Trace with sewing chalk, if you want extra security, and cut out felt letters. Arrange on background color and trim as needed.

Attach letters to banner with fabric glue. Especially if this is a wave-and-cheer pennant, make sure glue secures all the edges of letters. This will prevent drooping and curling. Allow time for glue to dry thoroughly.

Secure finished pennant to the dowel, using your staple gun. You're ready to cheer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pennant banners can be used for all kinds of celebrations. Below is a link to using pennants to celebrate a new baby.


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