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Make Picture Frames
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Picture frames can showcase your fond memories. But the frames mean even more when you have designed them for a special room or even a special person. Homemade picture frames are 10 times as special and can also be cheaper in the long run, too. Follow these steps to paint, decorate and personalize your way to crafty picture frames.

Things You'll Need

  • Miniature-size acrylic paint
  • Assortment of small paint brushes
  • Wooden or glass picture frame base
  • Wet washcloth
  • Wood or craft glue (optional)
  • Decorative items such as letters, animals and shapes (optional)
  • Toothpick or cotton swab (optional)
  • Sticker decals (optional)

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Take a trip to the nearest craft store for all of the right materials. You will need to pick up plain picture frames, whether wooden or glass, although first-timers should try wood. Decide what colors and trinkets, such as letters or shapes, you would like to add. For more items, check "Things You'll Need."

Cover your area, preferably an outside porch or craft countertop, and remove the glass from the picture frames and set aside. Taking the medium paint brush and, holding the frames steady, paint in the direction of the wood lines. Continue until all four sides are completed.

Wait 30 minutes before finishing the edges of the frames. Use the small paint brush in order to reach the edges and continue painting in the direction of the wood. For the inside corners, use another small paint brush to round out all of the edges. With the glass removed, feel free to stroke downward toward the table covering.

Use the letters and trinkets, if you'll be using them, and paint them now. Usually an opposite color of the frames is best. Set these out to dry overnight.

Wait a few hours before turning the frames over and painting the back, if you choose to do so.

Allow the frames to sit overnight. Once the paint is completely dry and to your liking, you can start to let your imagination run wild. If you would like to have polka-dotted frames, now is the time to create them using another color so that it may sit to dry. Follow the same tip for lettering, although a stencil is suggested.

Taking any trinkets and letters you might have painted the night before, and assuring they're dry, start to figure out where you'd like to place them. Now, using a toothpick or cotton swab to control the amount, take the wood glue and put them on the opposite side of the piece. Secure them in place and allow them to sit for three hours.

For fine detailing, such as flowers, use a decal or the smallest brush in the set to create your own designs.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that all of your accessories are dry before moving onto any steps that require them to be in contact with other items. Always keep a wet washcloth handy to clean messy strokes or any accidental spills.
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