How to Play The Oreo Cookie Game

The Oreo cookie game is a fun and entertaining party game, which kids of all ages will enjoy. (Even the grown up kids!)

Things You'll Need

  • Oreo Cookies
  • Whipped Cream (spray-on works best)
  • Plates- enough so each person has one
  • Something to clean up with (wipes, paper towels)

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How to Play The Oreo Cookie Game

Put a plate in front of each person who will be playing the game.

Put one cookie on top of each plate.

Cover each Oreo cookie with whipped cream, so the cookie isn't visible.

Tell everyone the rules of the game: 1) No using your hands 2) Whoever eats and swallows the Oreo cookie the fastest wins.

Begin the game.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure anyone with long hair has it pulled back to keep it out of the whipped cream.
  • Usually the game players want to play a few times, so be prepared with extra cookies and whipped cream.
  • Remember, you may want to take pictures, so be prepared with a camera.
  • The game can be addicting. Once you play it at a party, it may be expected for all parties to come.
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