How to Play The Oreo Cookie Game

Things You'll Need

  • Oreo Cookies

  • Whipped Cream (spray-on works best)

  • Plates- enough so each person has one

  • Something to clean up with (wipes, paper towels)

The Oreo cookie game is a fun and entertaining party game, which kids of all ages will enjoy. (Even the grown up kids!)

How to Play The Oreo Cookie Game

Step 1

Put a plate in front of each person who will be playing the game.

Step 2

Put one cookie on top of each plate.

Step 3

Cover each Oreo cookie with whipped cream, so the cookie isn't visible.

Step 4

Tell everyone the rules of the game: 1) No using your hands 2) Whoever eats and swallows the Oreo cookie the fastest wins.

Step 5

Begin the game.


Make sure anyone with long hair has it pulled back to keep it out of the whipped cream. Usually the game players want to play a few times, so be prepared with extra cookies and whipped cream. Remember, you may want to take pictures, so be prepared with a camera.


The game can be addicting. Once you play it at a party, it may be expected for all parties to come.

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