How to Wear a Scarf in Five Different Styles

A lightweight scarf adds a fun pop of color or print to your spring and summer outfits. Wear your scarf with a casual t-shirt and jeans or a warm-weather dress. With a long linen, cotton or silk scarf, you can get five different looks with some creative ties.

Tie one scarf five different ways for a variety of looks. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)
Spring-appropriate scarves come in lightweight fabrics and cheerful colors. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

The Double Hanging Knot

A double hanging knot gives your outfit a casual edge. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Hang your scarf around your neck so that it drapes in the front evenly on each side. Take one side of the scarf and tie a knot, then take the other side and tie a matching knot.

The completed look adds a bit of polish to a casual outfit. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

The Bow

Five steps give you a bow scarf. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

This is a simple yet elegant way to style a scarf. Place the scarf around your neck and let both sides hang evenly in front of you. Take both sides of the scarf approximately in front of your stomach, and tie a bow. Gently pull on the loops of the bow to give it more shape.

A bow scarf adds a little whimsy to your look. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

The Shawl Drape

Steps for the shawl drape scarf style. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Open your scarf and drape it around the back of your neck so that the ends come in front of you. Grab the ends and tie a double knot, then position it behind you; it does not matter which side the knot sits on, left or right. Adjust the scarf in the front so it drapes how you like.

A draped scarf adds color and texture to both the front and back of your outfit. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)
A draped scarf adds a layer for air conditioning or cooler weather without adding much bulk. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

The Twist Around

Steps for the twist around scarf. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Place the scarf around your neck and let the two sides hang evenly in front of you. Twist one side of the scarf tightly then wrap it around your neck. Twist the other side tightly and wrap it around your neck. Grab the ends of the tightly wound sides and tie them into a double knot. You may need to re-twist both sides of the scarf before you knot it; you can wear the knot to the front or to the back.

The twist around scarf borrows its look from cowboy culture. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)
The completed twist around scarf gives your outfit a sporty flair. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

The Belt

A scarf makes a colorful and practical belt. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Wrap the scarf around your waist (you can pull it through the belt loops of your jeans or pants), and tie it into a double knot off to the side instead of at the center of your waist. You can also tie the scarf into a bow instead of a double knot for a different look.

A scarf belt adapts to many styles, from classic to bohemian. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)
A scarf belt with a bow adds jaunty appeal to pants. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)