DIY Galaxy Nail Art

Painting my nails is one of my favorite pastimes. Nail art makes a statement and it's an easy way to experiment with your personal style! One of my favorite designs is galaxy nails. This design is especially great for beginners, as you only need to master a simple sponging technique to recreate a starry night sky on your digits. Read on and I'll show you how to recreate this intergalactic pattern!

galaxy nail art tutorial
(Image: Caroline Burke)

Things You'll Need

  • Navy or black nail polish for the base coat

  • Yellow, pink, white and blue nail polish

  • Glitter nail polish

  • Clear top coat

  • Dotting tool

  • Sponge

nail art galaxy nails materials
(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 1

Start by painting your nails with a dark base color (navy or black are ideal). Leave to dry.

navy base for galaxy nails
(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 2

To create a galaxy pattern, you'll sponge a selection of colors onto the base coat. Pour out a small amount of blue, pink white and yellow polish onto a piece of scrap paper.

sponging technique for galaxy nails
(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 3

Dab a piece of sponge into one of the colors and lightly sponge onto the dark base coat. Continue to blend the colors on the nail using the sponge, leaving some areas of the base coat visible for contrast. This is an abstract design, so you can really play around with what colors you mix and how much you apply!

sponging technique for galaxy nails
(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 4

Once you've finished blending the colors on your nails with the sponge, coat your nails with a clear polish or top coat. This will smooth out the blended areas and give your nails a nice shiny finish!

galaxy nails with top coat
(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 5

Take a dotting tool and apply scattered white dots to mimic stars in the night sky.

close up of thumb with scattered white dot "stars"
(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 6

To finish, dab on some glitter polish to add a hint of sparkle!

close up of thumb with glitter polish
(Image: Caroline Burke)
completed galaxy nails
(Image: Caroline Burke)
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