floral lollipops
fruit slice tray
floral bath salts

DIY Floral Bath Salts

Round straw basket bag
Bedroom DIYs
Make a few of these simple seatbelt pillows to be sure everyone is as comfortable as possible on your epic road trip this summer.
Mother's Day gifts
You can bring that cozy feeling into your everyday life by just making a small change to your beloved pullover.
Give one of your hardest working sewing tools the presentation they deserve with a bright handmade pin cushion.

DIY Fruit Pin Cushion

Say goodbye to mud stained knees and say hello to a bright comfortable kneeling pad that you made yourself.
magnetic flowers
umbrella wreaths
Musical Festival Survival Kit
Get rid of the trash producing plastic wrap and create some colorful, reusable fabric bowl covers for all of your summer get togethers.
Baby Shower DIYs
Pond in a pot
marbleized pots
Create your own large hot pad to protect your table or counters from a hot casserole dish.
DIY magnetic makeup organizer
DIY modern terrazzo coasters
Make a cute fabric storage box in any size you like.
How to turn an old sweater into an adorable dog sweater
DIY dog waste bag dispenser with clasp connected to leash
Learn how to sew a paper journal for all occasions.
massage oil
candy roses
Two hanging tooth fairy pillows
edible underwear
How to put a zipper in a pillow
Finished Faux Fur Kids Hat
Easy DIY Dowel Shoe Rack

Easy DIY Dowel Shoe Rack

Three finished scrunchies
How to Make a DIY Bedside Caddy
Finished side button sweater