Candles on table
Candles on table
Man holding burning candle
Shampoo and conditioner, in bottles
Remaining pieces of a soap bar
Candle and lilac
Hand holding carrots

How to Make Carrot Soap

soap bars with fresh flowers
Blue Smoke

How to Fix a Candle Wick

Home interior. Still life with detailes. Several candles on white wooden table in front of bed, the concept of cosiness.

How Is Paraffin Wax Made?

Brush balanced on bars of soap
a bottle of olive oil and olives
Soap tray
Raw wax to make big candles

How to Make Candle Melts

Apple candle with flowers
colorful burnt down candles
Bottle with aromatic oil and rosemary on a wooden table.
Candle in a vintage teacup

How to Make Soy Soap Bars

Decorate homemade soap with dried lavender sprigs before giving it as gifts.

How to Remove a Candle From a Mold