The Best Construction Tools

The best construction tools are built by companies with a long standing history of quality, innovation, and customer support. A well-manufactured product enables a builder to do jobs more quickly and with greater confidence in their work. In a crowded field, there are several tool construction companies that stand above all others and have garnered a reputation for the best.

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Power Tools

  • Dewalt construction tools, founded in the 1900's was the first to perfect the radial arm machine and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of power tools (any tool requiring electricity to operate) in the world. They also service what they sell maintaining a Factory Service department staffed by field professionals to handle all repair work. Each Dewalt service center is company owned. All Dewalt construction tools are backed by their three year limited warranty, one year of free service and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Air Tools

  • Pneumatic or Air tools require compressed gas to operate. Ingersoll Rand, a company founded in Dublin, Ireland is far and away the best manufacturer of these tools. They have grown into a $13 billion dollar publicly traded corporation providing construction services the world over with products such as their ½-inch Titanium Duty Air Impactcool and ¾-inch Super Duty Air Impact Wrench. These tools are built with Rand's two-year limited warranty and geared to provide optimal power and performance. The Impactcool weighs less than 4lbs and pushes nearly 800lbs of pressure power. This is the best weight to power ratio in its class.

Hand Tools

  • No field has more competition than hand construction tools. Stanley, a company founded in the 1800's in Connecticut is a continual innovator in the area of hand tool construction, winning awards for their unique designs. Their Bailey Plane, Surform Shaper, and Powerlock tape rule, set the industry standard for quality and durability. Their cutting edge appeal is also evident in their leap into the digital world. Stanley is the first construction company to have an application for the I-Phone.


  • The advantages of purchasing from a leading construction tool company are their infrastructure, reputation and brand recognition. Service plans, warranties are a must when identifying the best construction tools and all of the companies written about here provide excellent customer support. This enables the builder to shop with confidence and know that whatever the need, they will always be purchasing the best tool for the job.


  • Quality is not without price. The industry's best construction tools often carry the industry's best price tag as well (Ingersoll's industry leading Impactcool retails for nearly $300). Research retail outlets as well as each company's own retail stores or websites to find the best deal or package for the tool purchase. Be certain that warranty and service guarantees still apply to the construction tool being bought at a location other than the vendor's own store or site.


  • Photo Credit Image by, courtesy of Petr Gnuskin
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