22 Fun Summer Crafts for the Entire Family

credit: Miaira Jennings Miaira Jennings
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Fun Summer Crafts for the Entire Family
credit: Miaira Jennings Miaira Jennings

Be that caretaker who always has an Ace up their sleeve with our collection of fun craft ideas that are perfectly suited for long summer days, designed to capture the interest of just about any member of the family no matter their age or what they're into. Whether you've got a sentimental ocean enthusiast, a bourgeoning abstract expressionist, or need to nurture your own green thumb with fabulous DIY garden accessories, we've got you covered. Read on for more.

DIY Ocean Themed Candles

DIY ocean themed candle trio
credit: Jonathan Fong Jonathan Fong

Perhaps you've got a future oceanographer on your hands? Even the most casual of ocean enthusiasts can get behind our ocean-themed DIY candles.

DIY Beach Memory Mason Jar

Glass mason jar filled with precious beach memories
credit: Jonathan Fong Jonathan Fong

When an iPhone photo simply isn't enough, opt for the DIY beach memory mason jar.

Easy Way to Weave Coasters on a Cardboard Loom

Cardboard loom with a handwoven coaster in progress
credit: Maya Marin Maya Marin

Because we'd hate for you to hand weave adorable miniature rugs for your summer beverages the hard way!

DIY Fruit Slice Serving Tray & Coasters

Hand painted fruit slice serving tray with matching coasters
credit: Jonathan Fong Jonathan Fong

Showcase your fun summer refreshments while equally showcasing your hand painting skills with this DIY citrus tray, plus matching coasters, of course.

DIY Round Straw Basket Bag

Perfectly practical for summer straw shoulder bag
credit: Trisha Sprouse Trisha Sprouse

Cute, practical and perfect for spending summer days on the beach because this breezy basket-woven bag will not trap any excess heat.

DIY Fruit Pin Cushion

Pink passion fruit pin cushion to hold sewing pins
credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

Okay, even if you don't sew (yet!), you have to admit you need this DIY fruit pin cushion.

How to Sew a Garden Kneeling Pad

Green kneeling pad for working in the garden
credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

Spring gets all the glory, but summer is the perfect time to literally plant seeds for year-round garden bounty. This DIY goes out to the gardener closest to your heart.

DIY Magnetic Standing Flowers

Colorful standing flowers powered my magnets
credit: Jonathan Fong Jonathan Fong

Now this DIY project is not only super easy and fun, it's also guaranteed to amaze all summer dinner party guests with help from a few strategically placed magnets.

DIY Floral Umbrella Wreath

Two umbrellas filled with fragrant flowers and finished with a green bow
credit: Jonathan Fong Jonathan Fong

In case you're wondering, the best way to upcycle a once tired old umbrella is to make a DIY floral umbrella wreath.

How to Make Washable Fabric Bowl Covers

Fabric bowl covers are perfect for summer barbecues
credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

Skip the plastic wrap this season–instead, go for our cute, reusable DIY bowl covers! Because eating outside might be the best summer activity there is (minus the bugs).

DIY Container Water Garden (Pond in a Pot)

Large clay pot filled with water and greenery
credit: Trisha Sprouse Trisha Sprouse

Create your very own pond and then take a moment to appreciate that you've just made your own pond! Don't forget to name your (optional) new goldfish. We suggest Francis.

DIY Marbleized Clay Pots

Colorful clay pots painted in a marbleized pattern
credit: Jonathan Fong Jonathan Fong

Fair warning: this project is as fun as it is addicting. Because nail polish doesn't dissolve in water, you can combine different colored polish in a water bath, swirl them around to create an abstract pattern, and then dip clay pots in the solution to create our nifty DIY.

God's Eye Craft Instructions

Wooden sticks wrapped in colorful yarn to create a God's eye
credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

First created by Mexico's indigenous Huichol people, your kiddos will love learning a bit of ancient history while creating this god's eye piece of art almost as much as you'll love displaying it afterward.

DIY Hair Scrunchie Tutorial

Three hair scrunchies in different fabric types
credit: Trisha Sprouse Trisha Sprouse

Trust us when we say that scrunchies are, indeed, back in fashion. No, really. Whether this news is your worst 80s nightmare or your sartorial second coming, we've got just the DIY project for you.

DIY Rainbow Sensory Box

Child's hand explores an finished rainbow sensory box
credit: Stephanie Morgan Stephanie Morgan

Parents and caretakers: don't let the sight of this potential mess deter you! Sensory boxes center around touch and sound and will engross your child for hours without any screens in sight. Our version also covers sight with vibrant colors and even an unusual smell...

Easy to Make Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Tutorial

Easy to make mosquito repellent bracelets in fun summer colors
credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

If you happen to host a gaggle of tween girls for a sleepover this summer, simply gather up some embroidery floss in fun colors, whip up a little peppermint oil insect repellent and then plan an epic outdoor scavenger hunt with no fear of bites.

DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Games

Three fun options for outdoor glow-in-the-dark games
credit: Trisha Sprouse Trisha Sprouse

You won't need much to have a good time this summer–not even sunlight. Recycled water bottles and glow sticks are all it takes to create three super fun glow-in-the-dark games that will entertain both kids and adults well into the night.

How to Make a Floating Beverage Boat

Two iced beers floating in the pool on their very own floatation device
credit: Kenzie Mastroe Kenzie Mastroe

This floating beverage boat DIY is practically begging for a pool game to be invented in its honor.

Faux Sea Glass Effect on Glass Decor Tutorial

Faux sea glass in purple, teal, yellow and pink takes effect on vintage vessels
credit: Maya Marin Maya Marin

Did you know that you can create a sea glass effect on clear glass decor using just white glue and food coloring? We're all about that non-toxic, super-economical life.

How to Make Headbands Out of Shirts

Celtic knot headband
credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

In ancient times, if a gift was adorned with a Celtic knot, it was thought to give the recipient longevity or good luck in new adventures. Our no-sew headband is made with old T-shirts and uses a Shannon knot, symbolizing balanced creativity.

How to Make String Bracelets

A variety of DIY string bracelets
credit: Lindsey Crafter Lindsey Crafter

Make your summer camp bestie a cute, sentimental gift that will last a lifetime: a custom string bracelet using colorful, vibrant charms and thread is the perfect choice.

Upcycle a T-Shirt into a No-Sew Fringed Market Tote Tutorial

Upcycled T-shirt reborn into a no-sew ombré fringed market bag
credit: Maya Marin Maya Marin

Spin that dingy summer concert tee from way back when into market tote gold with our simple no-sew tutorial.

DIY Metallic Home Accents That Only Look Expensive

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