Beautiful Packaging Ideas for Homemade Chocolates

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On Valentine's Day, or any special day of the year, handmade sweets are a lovely gift to give that special person in your life. And presented in beautiful packaging will push the "wow" factor over the edge. Here are 3 DIY ideas for designing and decorating your own gift boxes. While cardboard works perfectly well, keep in mind that wooden boxes are ideal as they can be repurposed for other gifts or keepsakes...and last as long as love itself.

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Washi tape box, cover the top

Cover the top of the box with rows of different-patterned tape, butting up to one another horizontally.

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Washi tape box, finish the top's sides

Using another piece of tape, carefully tape around the side of the lid of the box.

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Washi tape box- tape the base

Starting all the tape rolls at the same corner of the box, wrap each band horizontally around the box. Overlap each row of tape 1/4 inch, and then cut the tape in a straight line to keep a neat edge.

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Washi tape box

This box is ready to gift and only took a few minutes to decorate.

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Embroidered heart box- poke holes in box top

Using your pin tool, punch equidistant holes 1/4 inch from the side, 1/4 inch apart. A square jewel was used here as a guide for spacing.

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Embroidered heart box- start sewing

Starting your thread at the back, pull it through to the front and weave it between the holes horizontally.

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Embroidered heart box- horizontally stitch

Continue to horizontally stitch the box, ending the stitch at the back then tying a knot at the back of the inside of the box.

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Embroidered heart box- vertically stitch

Using another color thread, stitch vertically between the top of the heart and the bottom moving from the center line out towards each side. Make several layers of vertical and horizontal stitches if desired.

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Finished embroidered heart

The embroidered heart takes a little more time than the Washi tape heart but the result is a charming mix of fiber and wood.

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Painted beaded box

Using your first paint color, paint the top of the box. I used nail polish (which needs a longer airing time), though craft paint or even food coloring would work to color the box.

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Painted beaded box- Washi tape the inside lip

Since this is a clear box, finishing the inside of the top is a nice touch. Run Washi tape along the inside top lip and trim with scissors to keep a nice clean edge.

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Painted beaded box, paint the base

Paint the base of the box.

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Painted beaded box, bead the top

Add a line of hot glue and press beads into the top of the box.

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Finished beaded painted box

The beaded painted box is a quick project that doesn't require many supplies and just a little time.


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