5 Eye-Popping Tie-Dye Kits on Etsy

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A splash of color! Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means: it's time to bust out those tie-dye kits and get creative.

If you don't already have one sitting around, Etsy sells several eye-popping products that will surely do the trick. With these kits, your shirts will be the center of attention and your artwork will be both vibrant and trendy!


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Video of the Day

There are several color combinations available for purchase, meaning you can play with the dark, light and bright shades to create your perfect blend just in time for the sunny weather.

Tie-dye kits are fun for adults and children, making it a great activity for a party or small gathering with loved ones. It might just even become your favorite new hobby!

1. Ice Dye Kit – Anna Joyce

Etsy put its stamp of approval of Anna Joyce's products for a reason. The Ice Dye Kit is a best-seller and was also featured on the 2020 Etsy Gift Guide. It works "using ice" to create dynamic color blends by incorporating "fiber reactive dyes."


The reviews praise the "high quality materials" and "excellent instructions." People have made bedspreads as well as T-shirts, but you will also get a high-quality cotton bandana with your purchase.

Available at Etsy:Ice Dye Kit – Anna Joyce


2. Botanical Dyeing Kit – CaraMariePiazza

CaraMariePiazza's kit will upgrade your tie-dying skills and give your garments "new life." By purchasing this kit, you'll be receiving instructions on how to take dried flower petals and use them to accentuate your clothes just by using "a little steam."


The garments you use must be comprised of a "natural fiber" according to the seller. Cotton, silk, hemp and linen are fine to use.


All items in the kit are biodegradable or recyclable, so this set-up is very eco-friendly. If you're looking for ideas, you can easily dye socks, ribbons, intimates and face masks.


Available at Etsy:Botanical Dyeing Kit – CaraMariePiazza

3. Tie Dye Kit for Kids and Adults – ReTanGAStore

For those who are looking to tie-dye with a younger crowd, this may fit your clean-up criteria. This 169-pack tie-dye kit contains 26 colors in easy to squeeze bottles, 10 aprons, 10 rubber gloves, two table covers, 120 rubber bands and a set of instructions so you'll be ready to rock under any circumstance.


People have created tie-dye socks, hats, bags, scarves, sneakers and more, simply by mixing water with the various shades of ink. The colors will stay bright after "several washes" and the products are both eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Available at Etsy:Tie Dye Kit for Kids and Adults – ReTanGAStore


4. Indigo Dye Kit – ShopAdroit

Another great option is this Indigo Dye Kit. This set will teach you "the basics of ancient Japanese Shibori's technique of hand dyeing" while providing you with plenty of essential items. This includes pre-reduced indigo, two cotton napkins, wood blocks, rubber bands, gloves and an instruction manual.


Buyers have shared photos showing off their end results, which look picture-perfect. Another bonus is they got "more than 15 (mostly smaller) items out of the dye."

Available at Etsy:Indigo Dye Kit – ShopAdroit

5. Luxurious Tie Dye Kit Creative Gift Set – SaSacBoutique

In the case you are looking for a cute gift, this set may very well suit your fancy. It's beginner-friendly and only requires adding water to give you gorgeous shades of color.

The kit is easy to bring to summer camp or to a fun gathering. You can practice on smaller items when you're getting started (perhaps a washcloth) and then try it out on a T-shirt or bigger piece of fabric when you're ready.

Available at Etsy:Luxurious Tie Dye Kit Creative Gift Set – SaSacBoutique

Tie-dye kits are already becoming a hot commodity! There are so many techniques, color combinations and items to try out that you'll be occupied for hours. The best part is you'll have something new to show off when it's all said and done.