How to Make String Bracelets

Create dainty string bracelets for you and your friends this summer using neon string and fun charms! Making your own bracelets can be quick, affordable and fun -- plus they make great last-minute gifts that are unique and personal.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Things You'll Need

  • Coated Nylon Thread

  • Scissors

  • Small Beads or Charms

  • Crimp Beads

  • Ruler

  • Flat Nose Pliers

Step 1: Cut a 10-inch Length of Nylon Cord

Comfortably loose bracelets range from 6.5" to 7," so be sure to leave extra cord to tie your bracelet on or trim frayed ends.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Step 2: String Your Beads and Charms

Experiment with different patterns or keep it minimal with a single charm. Center the beads and charms on the cord and keep them in place using a single knot or crimp bead. Crimp beads are easy to flatten with flat nose pliers and come in a range of metal finishes.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)


Make your friends mini-monogram bracelets using plastic letter beads!

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Step 3: Finish Your Ends

Adding knots, seed beads or crimp beads to the ends of your string bracelet creates a finished look and looks great once tied on.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Step 4: Tie, Wear and Share

Tie your handmade bracelets on with a single knot -- layer multiple for a fun stacked look. String bracelets are great for gifting and easy to send to friends via mail.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)
(Image: Lindsey Crafter)