Proper Position of Cabinet Pulls

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The position of a pull on a cabinet door is very dependent on the location of the cabinet. Base cabinets a few inches from the floor are not going to have door pulls in the same spots as those on cabinets that hug the ceiling. However, some general guidelines and considerations can help you place pull handles in the right spots on your cabinet doors.

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What Is a Pull?

A cabinet pull does the same work as a knob, but in most cases a pull has two points of attachment compared with one point for a knob. Pulls include D handles, bail handles, ring handles, latch handles and cup pulls. The D handle has a solid piece of metal shaped like the letter D and attaches to the cabinet door in two places. It is by far the most common type and often is referred to as simply a pull.

Aim for the Frame

There is no set rule on the distance from the edge of a cabinet door that you should place a pull handle, but it is general practice to attach it to the wood frame that borders the center panel. Don't put it on the door panel.

Measure Correctly

Cabinets of equal sizes located the same distance from the floor should have the pulls placed at the same exact height on all doors. This is true for every cabinet type. To install the pulls correctly it is best to use a template to drill all the holes for the handles. If one cabinet door pull is out of alignment, adjusting that pull by a small distance is very difficult. This problem gets compounded when you have a row of many cabinet doors. For this reason, it might be a good idea to have a cabinetmaker install all your cabinet hardware.

Artistic Touches

The exact location of each series of cabinet pulls is both a practical and artistic decision for the homeowner or worker. Once you have the pulls at a height where you can easily reach them, you have no set guidelines or architectural standards to apply. Go with where they look best to you. For example, with most cabinet doors, the pulls probably would look best in the centers of the vertical frames, but there may be times you would opt to move the pulls closer to the outside edges of the frame.


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