How to Make a DIY Bar for Your Lawn Party

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Whether you love hosting friends at your place for outdoor festivities, or you're just hoping to turn your backyard into your own personal relaxation oasis — creating a simple DIY wood pallet bar will take your yard from average to summer-fun-ready in just one weekend.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the video below—starting with getting rid of the weeds in your lawn (because who wants to see unsightly crabgrass at a party?). Then head to Weeding Wisely to get more tips on beautifying your lawn.



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Things You'll Need

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Step 1: Kill mature crabgrass with Roundup® for Lawns Crabgrass Destroyer₁

A week or two before you plan to build your new backyard bar, kill crabgrass with Roundup® for Lawns Crabgrass Destroyer, so you can start with a clean looking base. The weeds will turn white four to seven days after application, which means the product is working.

Step 2: Prep and paint wood pieces

Clean any excess dirt off the wood pallets. Then spray paint all wooden pieces (pallets and plywood) your color of choice. Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 3: Connect wood pallets

Screw the four 12-inch pieces of wood into the wood pallets to connect them and create the base of the bar.


Step 4: Attach plywood bar top

Secure the plywood to the top of the pallet base using the remaining screws. Move the bar to its desired location in your backyard, stock it with the essentials, and get ready to entertain!​​


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