How to Make a Monogrammed Cheese Board

Personalization can make all the difference between home décor that’s simply beautiful and home decor that’s really special. A monogram can transform a basic item into a one-of-a-kind keepsake, and initials look particularly impressive when showcased on wood. The next time you host an informal evening with loved ones, and you want to serve a charcuterie board with a personalized touch, then unveil this project alongside your favorite array of small bites. Using a customizable font and a food-safe wood burning tool, you can inscribe a design in an afternoon — leaving plenty of time to choose and display appetizers in the evening.

(Image: Charlotte Smith)

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden cutting board (most box stores carry a variety)
  • Wood burning tool
  • Graphite pencil
  • Image or print-out of monogram
  • Tape

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Step 1: Print Out a Monogram

Decide how you want your monogram to look. Find a letter or image in a magazine, or print out something that is the proper font and size for your cutting board. Solid lines will be easier to transfer.

(Image: Charlotte Smith)

Step 2: Scribble on the Back of the Monogram

Scribble across the underside of the monogram with a pencil. You want a dark block of graphite anywhere there is a monogram line.

(Image: Charlotte Smith)
(Image: Charlotte Smith)

Step 3: Trace Over the Monogram

Place the monogram onto the cheese board with the pencil side face-down, and then secure it with tape. Firmly trace over the monogram. The pressure from the pencil will leave a faint transfer of the monogram on the cheese board.

(Image: Charlotte Smith)
(Image: Charlotte Smith)

Step 4: Use a Wood Burning Tool

Remove the paper and slowly re-trace the pencil line with a wood burning tool.

(Image: Charlotte Smith)
(Image: Charlotte Smith)


  • To achieve a smoother line, keep the wood burning tool moving. Go over each line lightly, then repeat, rather than burning in one place for too long.

(Image: Charlotte Smith)

Step 5: Layer the Board With Food

Load up your cutting board with gourmet treats, and then display the board!

(Image: Charlotte Smith)
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