DIY Wizard of Oz Costumes

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Round up the whole family, bring your favorite characters to life, and get ready to hit the yellow brick road with these easy and inexpensive Oz-themed Halloween costumes.

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1. Cowardly Lion

Image Credit: Shauna Wightman

Start with a yellow sweatsuit and add a furry mane and tail for a fiercely cute ensemble! You won't get a badge of courage for tackling this easy-to-make costume, but watching your little one roar and jump around the neighborhood will be reward enough.

2. Scarecrow

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Make this no-sew costume in no time at all with everyday essentials like a straw hat, a plaid shirt and pants. Add raggedy accents like yarn and fabric patches for an authentic look.

3. Dorothy (with Toto)

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Dressed up as Dorothy, you'll be all set to search for the wizard...or hunt for candy! From the classic gingham pattern to the glittery red ruby slippers, this costume looks like it's fit for the silver screen, but you can pull it together easily with items from your local thrift store.

4. Wicked Witch of the West

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

You don't need an army of monkeys to help you create this bewitching costume. Work your black magic on any black outfit and then add green face paint and a broom made out of branches to become the wickedest witch that ever was.

5. Glinda the Good Witch

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

No one will doubt you're playing sorceress when you make an entrance in this dazzling no-sew costume. We'll show you how to glam up an old pink formal dress with homemade details like a tulle skirt, jeweled crown and sparkly wand.

6. Flying Monkey

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

All you need is a pair of wings, a t-shirt and a few basic craft supplies to send your winged creatures off into the night!

7. Munchkins

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Got zero sewing skills? No problem. All you need to do is cut shirt sleeves and shorts in a zigzag pattern, pin felt to the collar, and create a twisty hairstyle for a look the lollipop guild would approve of.

8. Tin Man

Image Credit: Demand Media

It doesn't matter if your crafting skills are rusty, you can put together this inexpensive Tin Man costume in just a few hours with a pair of sweatpants, spray paint and a sewing machine. Your kid will love getting into this shiny costume.