How to Make Wizard of Oz Munchkin Costumes

Represent the Lollipop Guild from the Wizard of Oz with a simple no-sew Munchkin costume. It can be made to fit a toddler or an adult and is so simple that you may already have most of the items you need. Make a set in different color schemes to coordinate with a few friends, and your little Munchkin crew will be the hit of the yellow brick road this Halloween.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Things You'll Need

  • Collared plaid shirt one size too big

  • Solid-colored pants

  • Scissors

  • 9-by-12-inch white felt

  • Straight pins

  • Fabric glue

  • Hair gel

  • Comb

  • Striped leggings

  • Slouchy boots

  • Large lollipop


To give your Munchkin costume a modern look, choose current plaid patterns and coordinating brightly colored solids. Coordinate the lollipop colors, too.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Make the Costume

Step 1: Cut the Sleeves

Fold the shirt in half and line up the sleeves. Cut just below the elbow in a zigzag pattern, and cut through both sleeves at once to keep the sides even.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum
Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Step 2: Cut the Pants

Fold the pants in half. Then cut the bottom off of the pants in a zigzag pattern just below the knees, cutting both sides at once.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Step 3: Pin Felt to the Collar

Lay the shirt flat and adjust it so it is even on both sides. Place the corner of the 9-by-12 felt piece on the collar. Line one side of the felt up with the top of the collar and the perpendicular edge along the tip so that it extends the point. Pin the felt in place.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Step 4: Trim the Felt

Use scissors to trim the corner off of the felt from the back of the collar straight down. You can use your judgement on how big you would like to make the collar. This one is 5 inches long from the back of the collar to the tip. Repeat the process on the other side of the collar with the opposite side of the felt piece.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Step 5: Glue the Felt in Place

Use fabric glue to attach the felt collar permanently to the shirt. Pin the edges down until the glue dries completely.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Style the Hair

Step 1: Comb the Hair Forward

This double-curl style works best with short hair. First, comb the hair forward and onto the forehead.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Step 2: Part, Gel and Twist

Next, part the hair in the middle. Take one side and pull the hair straight up with a comb. Add about a quarter-size squeeze of hair gel, and roll the hair over your fingers toward the middle part. Hold the twist in place for a few seconds and release carefully. The gel should hold the curl in place until it dries.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum

Step 3: Twist Both Sides

Twist the opposite side of the part, and you're done.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum


For a more secure hold, use foam curlers and leave them in the hair until the gel dries. This is recommended only for older children who won't pull the curlers out.

Accessorize the Costume

Add striped leggings in a coordinating color, a giant lollipop and a pair of slouchy boots, and your little one is all set to greet Dorothy.

Image Credit: Jessica Begum