Snake Costume Ideas

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If it's time for Halloween, or you've got a costume party coming up, you might be looking for quick, easy costumes that will be fun to wear. There are a number of simple options that you may be able to pull together using things you have at home; a DIY snake costume can be made quickly with supplies from a craft store. Dressing up as a snake can be as simple or as complicated as you want; the costume is easily customizable if you want to get a bit fancy!


Things You'll Need

  • Sweat suit

  • Fabric for snake belly

  • Knit cap

  • Styrofoam balls

  • Glue

  • Felt for tongue

  • Gloves

  • Belt

Snake Costume Ideas

Step 1: Find a Sweatsuit

Your snake costume should start with comfortable top and bottoms that are the same color. The easiest way to do this is to find a sweatsuit in a natural color, but you can use other clothing, especially if you find a top that looks like snakeskin! Look for images of snakes online to pick out some colors you like. You can use fabric paint to paint your clothing with dots and stripes if you're artistic or want to add a personal touch. Consider a skirt or dress if you want one solid piece.


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Step 2: Make a Snake Belly

If you'd like a differently-colored snake belly, the best approach is to get a piece of fabric and cut it into an oval. Felt works great for this, since it's thick and has some texture. You can also look for a fabric with a print that looks like scales. Size the oval to the belly of your top. Use fabric glue to easily attach it, or use a sewing machine if you have one. Once attached, you can decorate it with fabric paint if you like.


Step 3: Make a Snake Head

To start making the head of your snake costume, you'll need a knit cap that matches the color of your outfit. Your local craft store should have styrofoam balls available; look for ones that are near the size of a golf ball. Two ping-pong balls will also work. These will become your snake's eyes. To keep it simple, use black paint or a black Sharpie to draw pupils onto each eyeball. If you want to get fancy, you can color the balls, or draw a long, upright slitted pupil, like many snakes have. Searching for images of snake eyes will help you get inspiration, if you're looking to add detail.


Once your snake eyes are complete, use a hot glue gun or a strong fabric glue to glue them onto the hat, positioned so that they'll face people as you approach. You can add additional details to the brim of the hat as well. Consider a red forked tongue made out of felt, or two fangs made out of white fabric. These can come down over your forehead, and will help you feel more like a serpent.



Step 4: Add to Your Costume

Feel free to add to your costume if you like. Matching gloves, socks, or boots will help your body look like one long snaky piece. You can also use makeup or face paint, either to match the color of your clothing or to accentuate your features in snake-like colors. If you like, you may want to add a bowtie to become a snake gentleman, or wear a snakeskin belt to be a trendy snake. Accessories can help give your snake costume some personality!


Step 5: Have a Great Time!

Don your snake costume. Let the festivities begin!




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