How to Mix Putty for Vampire Fangs

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Vampire fangs are popular costume accessories.
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Things You'll Need

  • Vampire fangs

  • Washcloth

  • Putty or putty powder solution

  • Water * optional

Vampire costumes are an all-time classic for Halloween. A set of fake vampire teeth is a must for an authentic costume, and fortunately there are many vampire fang products available for purchase at costume, Halloween, and theater prop stores (look for them in the Halloween makeup section). The quality and DIY application methods recommended by manufacturers vary, but most will come as a complete kit with step-by-step instructions for mixing the putty that you use to stick the fangs to your real teeth. Mixing the putty correctly will make vampire fangs adhere to your teeth without shifting or falling off, and is key to achieving an amazing-looking vampire Halloween costume.


Step 1: Unpackage the vampire teeth

Remove the vampire fangs and putty from the packaging. Some products have putty in a little bag and others feature two separate bags of putty or putty powder, and should have all the necessary tools included.

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Step 2: Read the instructions

Thoroughly read the instructions that come with your DIY vampire fangs before starting the putty-mixing and application process. The method for mixing putty can vary somewhat from brand to brand.


Step 3: Position the fangs

Choose which teeth you will apply your vampire teeth to by holding the acrylic fangs up against your teeth and looking in the mirror. For the authentic Dracula look, choose your canine teeth (two teeth away from your front teeth), although you might prefer the look of vampire vangs on your lateral incisors (the teeth next to your front teeth). Adjust the angle of the fake fangs while looking in the mirror to figure out the best placement.


Step 4: Soften ready-made putty

Open the bag or plastic container of putty. If the putty is ready-made in putty form, pinch off a pea-sized amount and place it in the palm of your hand. Some brands include two different putties that you need to blend together by rolling them around in your hand. Roll the putty until it's soft.


Step 5: Prepare powdered putty

If the putty is in powder form, follow the instructions to mix it with the provided liquid or water. Vampire teeth kits with mix-your-own putty will typically include a small container and stick with which to mix the putty. If you don't have those tools, mix the putty with a craft stick, toothpick or plastic fork in a small bowl. It should have the consistency of toothpaste. It should be ready to use in less than a minute, so be prepare to apply the vampire teeth as soon as the putty is ready.


Step 6: Push putty into the fang

Pinch or scoop off a pea-sized amount of putty and push it into the cavity of the fang, following the tutorial printed in the packaging. The putty should overflow the hole.

Step 7: Prepare the teeth

Rub your two canine teeth (or lateral incisors, if you prefer) with a clean, dry washcloth so that the enamel is dry.


Step 8: Apply the fang

Center the fang over your canine or lateral incisor, inserting your tooth into the putty-filled hole in the fang. You will only have a short time to adjust the fit, so work quickly to get the fang in the desired position.

Step 9: Let the putty dry

Push the fang up onto your tooth and hold firmly for about five minutes. Try not to talk or move your mouth during this time, so as not to shift the position of the DIY vampire fangs.


Step 10: Remove reusable vampire fangs

Some products are meant for one time usage; other products claim to be reusable, fitting onto your tooth with a custom fit once you've allowed the putty to dry on your tooth. If you are using reusable fangs, follow the manufacturer's instructions to remove the acrylic teeth after 15 minutes or so, leaving the putty in place even longer to fully harden. You should be able to snap the vampire teeth back onto the hardened putty whenever you desire.


Don’t eat or sleep while wearing vampire fangs. Vampire fangs can pose a choking hazard and should not be worn by children under 12 years of age.

Don’t attach vampire teeth to your own teeth using any products other than the provided putty. They are not designed to be applied with denture adhesive, nail glue, dental glue, dental wax, super glue or any other drugstore products, so you should never try these kinds of hacks.


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