How to Make Costumes for International Day

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Things You'll Need

  • Mexico:

  • Colorful striped blanket

  • Scissors

  • Wide-brimmed hat

  • Woven sandals

  • Germany:

  • White button-down shirt

  • Skirt or pants

  • Corset or suspenders

  • White knee-high socks

  • Boots

  • Scotland:

  • White button-down shirt

  • Kilt or plaid skirt

  • White or argyle knee-high socks

  • Black or brown shoes

  • Hat

International Day costumes are more about celebration than authenticity.

Many schools and organizations plan International Day to celebrate multicultural education and acceptance. Because International Day costumes are generally more about effort and innovation than accuracy, many can be created mostly from materials you already own. The spirit of International Day is to recognize nationalities other than your own; however, if your family celebrates a strong cultural heritage, it can also be fun to wear an authentic outfit from your country of origin.


Step 1

Make a cape, also known as a sarape, from a small striped, Mexican-style blanket with frayed ends. Cut an 18-inch slit in the center of the blanket and slip it over your head; let the ends hang past your waist in your front and back. Wear the sarape over a regular, plain outfit such as shorts and a white T-shirt.

Step 2

Wear a sombrero. An authentic sombrero can be an unnecessary costume expense, so if you can't find a cheap one, another wide-brimmed straw hat will work.

Step 3

Wear slip-on woven sandals. You may substitute flip-flops or other sandals if you don't own any that are woven. Do not wear tennis shoes or other trendy shoes.


Step 1

Wear a white button-down dress shirt.

Step 2

Tuck the shirt into a loose-fitting skirt that is at least knee-length. Men should wear simple brown shorts or slacks rolled up into knickers.

Step 3

Accessorize. Women can wear either a corset or a form-fitting vest over the white blouse to mimic the traditional German dirndl, or bodice. Men can wear suspenders. Both should wear white knee-high socks with close-toed shoes or short boots.


Step 1

Wear a white button-down dress shirt, preferably one with ruffles or puffy sleeves.

Step 2

Tuck the shirt into a plaid red or green skirt that is at least knee-length. Men should wear kilts; however, a plaid skirt will suffice if you cannot find a kilt.

Step 3

Accessories. Women should wear white knee-high socks with black Mary Jane shoes. Men should wear brown or black close-toed shoes with tall argyle socks.

Step 4

Wear a hat. Scottish hats are commonly known as tams, though you can wear a beret or a driving cap for your costume.