Jack & Jill Wedding Shower Games

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Jack and Jill wedding shower games entertain women and men.

The Jack and Jill wedding shower—a nontraditional engagement celebration that honors both the bride and groom—has gained popularity in recent years as new wedding traditions and trends emerge. Whether the shower is formal or casual, there are several Jack and Jill wedding shower games that both men and women will enjoy.


Famous Couples

In this star-studded game, players race to match each celebrity with his or her correct partner. There are a few different ways to play this game. You could type a list of half of the couple and have guests name the corresponding partner, or you could make it a multiple-choice challenge. Or, you could have players race against the clock to list as many celebrity couples as they can.


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Trivia Test

Find out how well the bride and groom know one another with this trivia game. Ask the couple questions such as “When was your first kiss?” or “What’s his favorite dessert?” This game can be a challenge for the guests (whoever answers the most questions correctly wins a prize), or for the couple to test their knowledge of one another.


Animal Mates

Players must match each animal with its appropriate mate to win this game. You could buy a preprinted list or create your own by writing half of the animal couple on the left side of a piece of paper and then have players match it to its proper mate listed on the right side of the paper. Examples could include a mallard and a drake, a doe and a buck or a stallion and a mare.


Kiss and Tell

This game discovers how well the couple knows one another. First blindfold the bride, and then have every man at the party–including her fiancé–give her kiss on the cheek. The bride must then guess which man is her fiancé. Repeat the process with the groom blindfolded.


Advice Book

This game also focuses on the bride and groom. Each guest is asked to write one or two pieces of advice for the couple in a blank journal or notebook. Include topics at the top of pages to give direction for the advice. Practical, humorous or romantic are some examples of types of advice.


Tell Me Who I Am

Write the names of famous people on index cards and tape one card on the back of each guest as they arrive. Each partygoer is allowed to ask five yes-or-no questions per round about their identity. The first person to guess who they are wins the game.



Wedding Scramble

Before the shower, print out a list of scrambled words of things and people commonly found at the wedding ceremony and reception. The first person to unscramble all of the words wins. If no one has finished in 10 minutes, award the prize to the person with most correct answers.


Hanging Out to Dry

Give each partygoer a clothespin when they arrive to the shower and tell them two words they cannot mention (i.e. "wedding" and the groom's name). If they do, they lose their clothespin(s) to the person who caught them mentioning the forbidden words. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins.

Bridal Bingo

Before the party begins, make bingo cards with 25 blank spaces. Direct each guest to write down the gifts that he or she thinks the bride and groom will receive, and mark down each gift as it is opened. The first person to get five in a row and shout “Bingo” wins.



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