How to Play Pumpkin Bowling

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Look for small, round pumpkins for your bowling balls.
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Whether you are staging a fall festival, Halloween party or a family fun night, bowl everyone over with a round of pumpkin bowling. This game consists of rolling a pumpkin into ghostly pins. Putting all of the pieces together is simple and components are easy to find.


Create Pumpkin Bowling Balls

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Select a baking pie pumpkin for your bowling ball. Keep a couple on hand as spares in case anyone cracks the original bowling ball pumpkin by chucking it down the lane. Cut the stem off of each pumpkin so that it is flush with the rest of the rind. Cut three finger holes in a triangular pattern into the front face of each pumpkin with an apple corer. This will help your bowlers grip and throw the ball.

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Make the Pins

Make the pins out of 10 empty 2-liter soda bottles, 10 paper towel rolls or 10 toilet tissue rolls. Rinse the soda bottles and let them dry. Fill them with 2 inches of sand or gravel and screw on the cap. Paint them with white acrylic paint and let them dry. Paint black eyes and a mouth to create a ghost face. To create pins from paper towel or toilet tissue rolls, cut ovals and circles from black construction paper. Glue them to the front of the rolls to create ghost faces. Let them dry completely.


Throw Some Strikes

Set up the pins in a diamond shape with the ghosts facing the players. Let the players roll the pumpkins from 20 feet away. Let the players take turns throwing the ball and award candy prizes for their efforts. A strike is worth two pieces of candy while a spare is worth one. Let them rotate through the line until they score a spare or a strike. For smaller gatherings, let participants bowl 10 frames and keep score as you would for a real game of bowling. Whoever gets the highest score wins a spooky prize.



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