How to Play The Paper Plate Baby Shower Game

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Things You'll Need

  • cheap white paper plates

  • pens

Simple baby shower games add to the joy of the party.

Baby shower games all about celebrating the coming of a new baby and having some fun with the soon-to-be mother. Games at showers don't have to be expensive or complex; the simpler ones tend to be the best. Having participants trying to draw a baby without seeing it is a funny and cheap way to generate some laughs.


Step 1

Give each woman one paper plate and a pen.

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Step 2

When the host says go, each player is to put the paper plate on top of her head, then attempt to draw a baby. They can try to do just the face or the entire baby. No peeking is allowed!


Step 3

When they are done, have them remove the plate and write their names on the back.


Step 4

Gather all the paper plates and give them to the mommy-to-be. She will then pick the best picture of a baby and announce who the winner is.


The mother-to-be or host can also add other categories, such as which attempted drawing looks more like an alien, which looks most like a scribble, or which looks like a portrait of a grandmother to lengthen the game.



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