Valentine Gifts for a College Daughter

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Buying a Valentine gift for a college daughter is a difficult experience for mothers and fathers. A college aged daughter is grown up, yet in many ways will always be a little girl to her parents. A college daughter is too old to receive flowers or chocolates from her parents since a significant other will likely be in the picture, but parents still want to make sure their daughter knows they care. The right gift offers a balance between something she will appreciate while being away from home as well as remind her of the love of her family. Make a college daughter feel special by sending a unique Valentine gift that she will cherish.


Food Basket

A basket of a college daughter's favorite foods is a great Valentine gift. To make a food basket truly special, spend the time to fill a care package with her favorite items mixed in with special treats and mail it directly instead of ordering a standard basket from a supplier.


Video of the Day


Jewelry that is specifically for a daughter lets her know how much she is loved on Valentine's Day and every day. Being in college can be hard, especially if she is far away from home. A personalized bracelet, necklace, ring or other jewelry item serves as a great reminder of a parent's love.


Movie Tickets

Being in college often means that a daughter has limited funds to enjoy herself when she's not studying, especially during holidays away from home. Movie theater gift cards offers a college daughter the opportunity to go out on Valentine's Day and have fun thanks to her caring parents.



All college students love pajamas and lounge wear. Instead of purchasing plain old pj's, try ordering a special Valentine's Day gift package online featuring a classic conversational heart design. Many pajama sets come with a personalized gift card and can be upgraded to include heart shaped candles, slippers, bath items and more.



Nothing offers a reminder of family more than a photo. A college daughter that is away from home will love to receive photos of her family or memorable occasions from her past. Place the photos in a special heart shaped frame to make it special for Valentine's Day.


Digital Picture Frame

A digital picture frame makes an ideal Valentine gift for a college daughter. Most digital picture frames hold hundred of photos so a college daughter can easily fill it with pictures of everyone she loves. Load the digital frame with pictures from home before giving it to her and include a box of Valentine's chocolates to let her know she is missed during the holiday.



A decorative pillow makes a great Valentine gift for a college daughter. A pretty pillow embroidered with loving words will serve as a perfect daily reminder of a parent's love and appreciation. Personalize it for an extra special Valentine gift.



Words of love are always ideal for Valentine's Day. A beautiful throw full of loving words make a great Valentine gift for a college daughter. A cozy throw will also be useful to help keep her warm while studying or hanging out in her room.


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