Gift Ideas for Men Turning 50

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Turning 50 can be a hard transition for men, though some men take it in stride and enjoy this time in their lives. Whether the man in your life is kicking and screaming all the way to his 50th birthday or embracing this new season in his life with open arms, coming up with a great gift for the big day is important. Here are some gift ideas for men turning 50 that can guide you to finding the perfect gift for the man in your life.


Sentimental Gifts

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Sentimental gifts are always appreciated by men, no matter the occasion. The key is tapping into what he thinks is sentimental. Good ideas for a man turning 50 include having the family crest matted and framed, gifting the man with his family's genealogy report or giving him a photo album that contains pictures of him from his boyhood through the present day.


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Gifts of Health/Personal Care

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Great health and personal care gifts for men include a basket full of herbs and vitamins, comfy slippers and a coupon to a local spa for a massage. Other ideas can include a weekend getaway to a health resort, purchasing a service that is becoming hard for the man to perform such as lawn care and landscaping or gifting him with a certificate to a local barber or tailor.


Hobby Gifts

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By the time a man is 50, his hobbies are pretty evident. Now is the time in a man's life when he starts slowing down and enjoying his hobbies more. Gifts that center around a man's hobbies are always appreciated. Ideas can include special wood for the wood crafter, art supplies for the painter/artist, radio-controlled toys for the kid at heart, sporting equipment that centers around his favorite sport or something wild for the man who spends his off-time looking for adrenaline rushes. Ideas for this could include a trip skydiving, going bungee jumping or deep sea diving.


Romantic/Erotic Gifts

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Many men who are turning 50 may feel as if they will never be as vibrant, virile and attractive to the opposite sex as they once were. Women who have husbands who are turning 50 would do well to purchase romantic/erotic gifts for their husbands to show the men in their lives that while their age may have changed, they are still considered hot and attractive. Ideas can include booking a stay at an adults-only resort and showing the man in your life how sexy you think he is, taking him to a racy nightclub for dining and dancing and then making love to him in the car in the parking lot, or giving him a stockpile of the latest and greatest sex toys and erotica for adults


Funny Gift Ideas from Others

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Funny gifts are generally given to a man turning 50 by his co-workers, siblings and perhaps his children. Funny gift ideas can include over-the-hill-themed coffee mugs and t-shirts, a pack of geriatric diapers and wipes, rocking chairs and erectile dysfunction herbs. While these gifts are generally received in good humor, they should not be given to a man by his partner as they could hurt his feelings.


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