Cool Tricks to Use in a Haunted House

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Add skeletons and other props to scare your guests at your haunted house.

Frighten and freak your guests out with cool tricks to deck out your haunted house for Halloween. From spooky silhouettes to scary body parts floating in jars, these tricks can haunt your guests for a scary good time. Pick up some simple craft materials to create illusions of death, fire and more. Offer some treats after your tricks to calm your guests and show them how you cunningly scared the wits out of them.


Scary Silhouettes

Create haunting illusions in windows by hanging silhouettes that depict simple yet scary scenes. Reuse old, white bedsheets or use light-colored cotton or muslin fabric wide and long enough to cover a window or two of your haunted house. Draw the outline of a vampire standing in the window, a ghost or death scene, such as a hanging body or a guillotine, with a fabric pencil. Fill in the shape with black acrylic paint and allow it to dry overnight. Hang the scary silhouettes in the windows and shine a lamp directly behind the fabric to light up the scene.


Set the House on Fire

Set your haunted abode on fire to freak your guests out even more. Cut out fire-like strips of red and yellow cellophane and glue them to a thin piece of plywood. Place a small fan behind the flames to create movement. Place a red bulb in a small lamp or flashlight behind the fire to give the flames a flickering glow. Stage small "fires" at different corners or small areas of the house to complete the trick of a house set on fire.

Specimens and Body Parts

Disguise household items and common food as body parts to fool your guests as they walk through your house. Set up clear glass bowls and vases at varying levels in a room. Fill each container halfway with water. Add several drops of blue, green or black food coloring to give the liquid a mysterious color. Add a tablespoon or two of milk to make the liquid murky. Peel of the outer leaves of a cabbage to simulate a brain, peel grapes for eyeballs or use old plastic doll appendages to suspend in the liquid.


Dead Body Illusion

Frighten your guests as they enter a darkly decorated room to view a "dead" body. Lay a fully dressed mannequin in a coffin that has been placed on a table covered by a tablecloth. Position a gruesome murder weapon, such as a knife or ax, coming out of the chest area with fake blood made from food coloring. Remove the arms in the mannequin and cut two small holes through the table, the coffin and through the sleeves in the mannequin's shirt. Hide under the tablecloth and thread your arms through the holes and position your arms to look like the dead body. When a guest approaches the coffin, wave your arms as if the body was coming back to life.