How to Make a Spider Web Out of Rope & Knots

Create a spider web out of rope and knots that can be used both indoors and out. Hang it in a doorway or make a giant web for the yard. Add a few fake spiders for a spooky and realistic look.

Spider web made from rope and knots. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Things You'll Need

  • Rope or yarn

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

  • Fake spiders

Supplies to make a knotted spider web. (Image: Angie Diersman)


The supplies needed will depend on how large of web you want to make and where you set it up. For smaller versions, tape it to a poster board or wall. For larger versions, tie the ropes directly to trees or poles. You can also use lawn stakes to secure it to the ground.

Step 1: Criss-Cross the Rope

Knotted spider webs can be made as small or large as you want. An easy way to make a smaller version is to use a poster board as the frame. Cut 2 pieces of rope about twice the size of the poster board. Criss-cross them with a knot in the center and secure to each side with tape.

Criss-cross the rope. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Step 2: Tie a Knot

Start the web by tying a knot a few inches up from the center.

Knot the rope a few inches from the center. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Step 3: Create a Diamond

Working clockwise, create a diamond shape by tying a knot on each of the crossed pieces. Cut the rope when you finish each shape and start the next one with a new piece.

Work clockwise to create a diamond shape. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Step 4: Create Two Additional Diamonds

Tie another knot above the first diamond and work clockwise to create a second and third diamond.

Create a second and third diamond. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Step 5: Add Support Ropes

Add 4 long support ropes by tying a knot to the center and then to each section moving diagonally. Tape each end to the edge of the board.

Support ropes will add strength to your web. (Image: Angie Diersman)
Add 4 support ropes to web. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Step 6: Knot Clockwise

Continue to knot clockwise until you reach the edge of the board. Once it's complete, you can remove the tape and hang it in a corner or doorway.

Knot clockwise until reaching the edge of the board. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Step 7: Create a Large Web

You can also create a large web directly on a fence, wall or between trees.

Create a large web outside. (Image: Angie Diersman)