How to Make Halloween-Themed Switch Plates

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Halloween switch plates

Things You'll Need

  • Blank light switch plates

  • Duct tape in various colors

  • Screws, nuts, bolts, anchors

  • Hobby knife

  • Faux fur

  • Googly eyes

  • Hot glue gun

  • Craft foam

  • Black felt

  • Black fabric

  • Small paint brush

Halloween-themed light switch covers are a fun way to decorate for the holiday. They're easy to make, and you can do them all over the house for a fun surprise in every room and added home decor. The light switch acts as a nose, so the switch plates can be different faces. There's even a switch plate with a flying witch making a crash landing. Now, that's what we call a "witch plate."


Jack-o'-Lantern Light Switch Cover

Cover Plate with Duct Tape

Cover with orange duct tape

Cover a switch plate with orange duct tape. Instead of trying to cut a piece of tape that is exactly the size of the switch plate, let the tape go past the edges and trim it with a hobby knife. Use the hobby knife to cut out the opening for the switch and the screw holes.

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Cut Features out of Black Tape

Cut out its features

Cut jack-o'-lantern features out of black duct tape and apply them to the switch plate for a spooky Halloween decoration.


Video of the Day

Cut small pieces of duct tape to cover the screws. This is the first of our following wall plates that will add a dash of Halloween cheer to your room decor.


Frankenstein's Monster

Cover with Green Tape

Cover with green duct tape

Cover a switch plate with green duct tape, trimming the edges with a hobby knife.


Cut out Black Duct Tape

Cut out the hairline

Cut a jagged hairline with a hobby knife on black duct tape. Place the black hairline on top of the green tape and trim the edges with a hobby knife.



Add Facial Features

Add the facial features

Cut one long strip of black duct tape for the unibrow, two squares for the eyes and small strips to make the stitched mouth. As with the pumpkin light switch plate cover, have small pieces of duct tape to cover the screws later. This decorative light switch cover will be sure to electrify your guests!


Evil Robot

Add Gold Duct Tape

Cover with gold duct tape

Cover a switch plate with metallic gold duct tape, trimming the edges and the center opening with a hobby knife.


Add Metallic Features

The evil robot's eyes

Screws and bolts make great eyes for the evil robot, and metal self-drilling drywall anchors make scary eyebrows. Attach these to the switch plate with a hot glue gun for a futuristic Halloween light switch.


Nuts and screw for the mouth

For the robot's mouth, use nuts for teeth, with a long screw running through them. These are also attached with hot glue. You can leave the screw holes on the switch plate uncovered, as the screws will fit the robot design. You can imagine yourself as a mad scientist, putting the final touches on your greatest, spookiest experiment!

Flying Witch Plate

Add Blue Duct Tape

Cover with blue duct tape

This switch plate doesn't feature a witch's face, but a flying witch instead. Start by covering the switch plate with blue duct tape to represent the sky.

Add Black Fabric

Cut a small piece of black fabric and hot glue it over the opening of the light switch cover. This is the witch's cape. Only the top of the cape should be glued down; it acts like a flap, so you still have access to the switch. The cape should be long enough to cover the bottom screw for this spooky outlet cover.


The witch's head flaps over the screw hole

Cut a small witch's hat out of felt and glue some faux fur to it for the hair. Hot glue this as a flap above the top screw hole. This way, it covers the screw but still allows you access to it. Then cut out some arm shapes from the craft foam and glue those to the switch plate, extending from the cape.

Add Witch's Broom

A paintbrush is the broomstick

Cut off the handle of a small paint brush and glue the brush to the bottom of the switch plate. The brush is the witch's broomstick. When the cape is down, it looks like the witch is flying away and crashing into the switch plate as some light-hearted Halloween wall decor.

Mr. Mustache

Cut Your Oval

You don't need to be confined to the shape of the rectangular switch plate. For Mr. Mustache, place the switch plate on top of a piece of craft foam and trace an oval just larger than the switch plate. Then cut out the oval, as well as the opening for the switch.


Add Googly Eyes

Glue on googly eyes

Hot glue the oval to the switch plate, and then glue googly eyes to the face.

Add Facial Hair

Add the hair and mustache

For the hair, glue on a piece of faux fur as a flap that will cover the top screw. Cut out a mustache from faux fur and glue that above the bottom screw hole. When the screw is inserted, it will look like a tooth.

(Note: Instead of using duct tape, you can paint the switch plates for any of these designs.)


Instead of using duct tape, you can paint the switch plates.


Do not allow children to use the hobby knife.