How to Build a Halloween Witch Hitting a Tree

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Various monsters come to mind when thinking of Halloween, but none more so than a witch. Turn this frightful figure into something a little more fun and show that not all witches are masters of flight. Creating a witch running into a tree for Halloween decor is fun, easy and quick.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pool noodles (one of them needs to be green)

  • 1 pine one-by-two, 8 feet

  • Chop saw

  • Scissors

  • 2-inch nails, 9

  • Hammer

  • Staple gun

  • Adult-sized cape with hood

  • Adult-sized green monster hands/gloves

  • Wig

  • Witch's hat

  • Striped leggings

  • Black shoes with heels

  • Witch shoe covers

  • Kids-size witch's broom

Step 1: Cut the Wood and Pool Noodles

Once your supplies are gathered, cut the wood using a chop saw. Start by cutting two pieces at 16 inches and another two pieces at 22 inches. Then, use the scissors to cut the green pool noodle into two 16-inch pieces and the other noodle into two 22-inch pieces. Cut lengthwise down one side of the pool noodles so you can fit the wood into them.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Step 2: Create the Witch's Arms

Insert the smaller wood pieces into the smaller green pool noodle pieces, making sure the wooden pieces stick out on one end by 2 inches. Place the monster hands on the other ends of the pool noodles. These will be the arms for the witch.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Step 3: Attach the Arms to the Tree

When attaching the arms to a tree, be sure the thumbs of the monster hands are running parallel with the wooden piece that is exposed and that both thumbs are facing up towards sky. Place the first arm where you would like it to go on the tree and hammer two nails into the wood sticking out of it. Now, hammer the other arm on the other side of the tree, making sure the arms are positioned so the cape can cover about half of each arm.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Step 4: Attach the Legs to the Tree

Insert the longer wood pieces into the longer pool noodles, leaving 2 inches of wood sticking out of one end. Put a striped legging on both pool noodles to create the witch's legs. Attach the legs the same way you did the arms, making sure the cape can cover about one-third of the legs, too. Since the size of each cape will vary, the best way to determine the proper spacing between the arms and legs will be to hold the cape up around the arms and measure, starting from the bottom of the cape, about 6 to 8 inches up the tree; attach the legs to the tree at that point.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Step 5: Attach the Cape to the Tree

Place the seam that attaches both the hood and the cape together about 5 inches above the arms. You will need a helper to hold the cape in place while you spread it out to make sure it can cover the arms and legs as suggested above. Once positioned, use the staple gun to attach the cape to the tree, stapling five evenly-spaced staples along the seam. The hood should cover the staples. Now move parts of the cape in place so it's covering the arms and legs and place a staple above the arms and below the legs to keep the cape in place.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Step 6: Attach the Wig and Hat to the Tree

Place the brow of the wig about 7 inches above the cape. Depending on how long your wig is, you may need to adjust how high it goes. Once it's in a good spot, staple the wig to the tree. Now place the hat over the stop of the wig and staple along the outer rim of the hat to attach it to the tree (the bottom of the hat should preferably hang over the cape by a couple of inches). You should only need about three staples to attach the hat.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Step 7: Place the Broom

The broom will be balanced between the wooden part of one leg and a nail. Place the broom at an angle on top of the wooden part of the leg with the bristles sloping downward, and make sure the broom's bristles stick out far enough from underneath the cape. Place a nail directly above the broom to keep it snugly in place. Using this method, you can use the broom year after year; trying to nail or screw the broom handle into the tree may result in breaking or cracking.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Step 8: Put Shoes on the Legs

Place the black heeled shoes on the end of the legs, and then place the witch shoe covers over the shoes to make sure the shoes stay on the pool noodles.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman

Prepare for some neighborly glances, chuckles and discussions on how great she looks in your front yard.

Image Credit: Matthew Ashman