How to Send Chocolates Internationally

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If you are buying chocolates as a gift for someone that is living or working abroad, you may be concerned with how to send them. You can send them can be sent through the regular U.S. Postal Service airmail or through a different carrier. Or you can opt to buy chocolates from a business that takes care of the international shipping for you. Just remember to choose a quick shipping method if you are sending the chocolates in warm weather to lessen the chance of melting.


Step 1

Purchase chocolates from a retail store, such as Godiva or a local chocolate shop, that offers shipping to international locations. You can pay for the chocolates in the store and have them shipped for you.

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Step 2

Buy chocolates and ship them yourself. The USPS and specialty carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, offer international shipping. You can send the chocolates using any of those carriers and have them delivered to your international destination. Prices vary.


Step 3

Order chocolates online from a retailer that specializes in shipping internationally. Some examples include Gifts for Europe, Gifts International,, Malley's Chocolates and Thornton's Chocolates (see Resources).

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