What Is the Gift for the 43rd Anniversary?

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There is a tradition that states certain wedding anniversaries require specific gifts to commemorate the occasion. On a couple's 43rd anniversary, this custom dictates a gift of travel, a memorable gift that the couple can share. Use this article to discover more about this tradition, and how to keep it.



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The idea of giving a specific gift based on how long a couple has been married dates back to the Middle Ages, and some believe the tradition comes from the thinking that certain items bring luck when matched with a corresponding number. Some believe that the practice of giving a gift of silver on the 25th anniversary and a gift of gold on the 50th first began in Germany during the Middle Ages.

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Modern Day

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Many of our modern day practices of anniversary gift giving dates back to the Victorian era, and several of the items, like the 60th anniversary, were created to celebrate each year Queen Victoria spent on the throne. Today, many state libraries have on file complete lists of what to give for anniversaries ranging from the first to the 100th.


Guidelines for the Gift

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On a couple's 43rd wedding anniversary, it's customary to give a gift of travel. The present can either be given from spouse to spouse, or from an outside party, like the couple's children. There are no rules on what type of travel the gift should be, or how long the trip should be. It can be a quick stay at a nearby beach or a longer getaway to a new continent. The idea behind this gift is to broaden minds and horizons, by offering the couple a new experience.


Giving a 43rd Anniversary Gift

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Giving this gift will be most appropriate for those who enjoy celebrating traditions, and those who like to travel. If you decide to give a travel gift to honor a 43rd anniversary, let the recipient know about the history behind the idea and what it signifies.



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If you decide to give a 43rd anniversary travel gift to either a spouse or a couple you know, keep some tips in mind. Travel is a personal thing, so make sure the location you choose is somewhere the recipient will like to go. If the traveling couple has any health issues, ensure the trip will have easy access for them to get around. Better yet, check with the receiver beforehand to make sure this is a gift they'll be able to participate in and enjoy.



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