How to Make a PVC Pipe for Christmas Light Frames

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • PVC pipe (¼ or ½-inch)

  • Hack saw

  • 4 90-degree PVC pipe elbows

  • PVC cement

  • Christmas lights

  • Zip ties

  • Removable hooks

Attach lights to PVC frames for easy decorating.

If you enjoy decking your home out with holiday lights, adding PVC frames to the windows or out in the yard allow you to get a uniform shape with a few simple materials. For yard decorations, creating a square PVC frame allows for present-like décor to add around the landscaping. Adding PVC window frames around the exterior windows allows for easy installation and removal of lights each year. Working with PVC pipe is simple, and may be easily purchased at a hardware store.


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Step 1

Determine the length of pipe you need to purchase based on your designated use. For example, if you want the pipe frame around the windows, measure the width and length of the window. Add the measurements together to determine how long of a pipe you'll need.

Step 2

Cut the pipe to fit the designated measurements. If you are creating a square for yard decorations or window frame, you will need two side and two length pieces. Cut the PVC pipe using a hack saw.

Step 3

Attach each end of the pipe into a 90-degree elbow to create the square shape. To ensure the pipes stay secure, add a layer of PVC cement to the surface end of the pipe, and push into the elbow. Do this with all four elbows.


Step 4

Wrap interior or exterior Christmas lights around the PVC piping in a candy cane style. Secure the lights to the piping if desired with zip ties.

Step 5

Add removable hooks to the window frames to secure the light frames. Craft Help FAQ suggests using removable adhesive hooks that are easy to install and remove from window frames. Once the hooks are in place, hang the frame from a zip tie onto the window.