How to Make an Authentic Maleficent Costume

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Maleficent Costume Finished

Terrifying. Beautiful. Powerful. The specter of Maleficent, the glowering queen of Sleeping Beauty and the stuff of nightmares for the somnambulant princess and her legions of fans, has never put more of a fright nor been as topical as she is today.


This evil queen knows how to make an entrance. And this easy-to-make costume will notoriously immortalize you for many Halloweens to come.

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Video of the Day

So, go ahead—embrace your dark side and be dazzlingly devilish for one cursed, unforgettable night.


Things You'll Need

  • 2 black sheets of 8 x 11-inch craft foam

  • Spray adhesive

  • 4 yards of black stretchy fabric

  • Fabric scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • 20-gauge armature wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Headband with antennas

  • Newspaper

  • Black duct tape

  • 4 yards of black ribbon, preferably bias cut

  • Mod Podge

  • 1/2-inch-wide foam brush

  • 5-foot bamboo rod

  • 2-inch bouncy ball in translucent green or clear with green glitter

  • 2 Velcro round sticky fasteners

  • Light foundation

  • Purple eye shadow

  • Green eye shadow

  • Red lipstick

  • Long black scarf

How to make Maleficent's costume cape

Apply adhesive to the foam

Spray two sheets of craft foam

Take an 8 inch by 11 inch piece of black craft foam and spray both sides with spray adhesive. Repeat with a second piece of foam.


Cover the foam with fabric

At each bottom corner of your 3-yard fabric, wrap the foam with fabric so it is all covered. Trim the excess.


Fold and glue

Attach the collars to the cape.

Fold the foam sheet in half as shown. Make a line of hot glue. Starting at the exact middle top of your 4-yard piece of fabric, hot glue the folded foam from the midpoint along the top of the fabric in a line.



Trim the cape

Round bottom of the cape.

Fold the fabric in half and trim off the bottom corner, rounding the bottom of the cape.


Form the collar

Roll each collar in your hands away from where your face will be.


How to make Maleficent's horns

Shape the wire

Create a wire horn shape.

Using one 24-inch piece of armature wire, make a continuous line to form two horn shapes.


Thread the wire

Attach the wire armature to a headband.

Thread the armature through the existing antenna springs.


Wrap the antennas

Wrap the antennas with newspaper.

Wrap the antennas with equal amounts of newspaper on each side.

Apply the duct tape

Cover the newspaper with duct tape.

Cover the newspaper in duct tape, keeping to the horn shapes.

Add the ribbon

Wrap the horns with ribbon from the top down.

Starting at the top of each horn, wrap the horn with black ribbon all the way down to the base, tying to the headband at the bottom.

Finish the DIY Disney Maleficent headpiece

Brush layers of Mod Podge onto the horns.

Cover the ribbon with a coat of Mod Podge sealer. Let it dry and then cover with a second coat for a glossy finish to your DIY Maleficent horns to complete this magnificent headdress.


How to make Maleficent's accessories

Make Maleficent's staff

Attach a bouncy ball to bamboo rod.

Wrap the bouncy ball with duct tape strips over the top in an "X" coming down the rod 2 inches on each side of the rod to create the base for Maleficent's staff. Reinforce it with duct tape going around the initial "X" and around the bottom of the ball a little bit. Cut the "X" away, covering the top of the ball.

Tape and wrap

Wrap the rod with black ribbon.

Tape black ribbon to the top of the rod and wrap it around the rod all the way to the bottom. Use a piece of black duct tape to secure the ribbon around the bottom of the rod.

Wrap the edges

Cover a piece of duct tape with fabric.

Take a piece of duct tape that is long enough to wrap around your neck. Using your scrap fabric, wrap the cut edges of the fabric to the back of the duct tape to create a fabric neckband. Cover the back with another piece of duct tape.


Add the Velcro

Add a Velcro closure to the fabric neckband at the middle of the ends.

Do your makeup

Apply makeup to complete your costume.

For the makeup, combine the lightest foundation you can find with green eye shadow and mix well. Apply it to the face. Apply purple eye shadow and red lipstick. Add a widow's peak with black eyeliner. Put the horns on first and then wrap your head with a long black scarf, tucking it into itself.

Complete your Disney villain costume

The costume is head to toe black.

Wear head to toe black underneath the cape and your Maleficent Halloween costume is all set for partying and all manners of magnificent Maleficent cosplay.



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