How to Make a Holly Wreath

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A bright green holly wreath bursting with red berries is the quintessential decoration for the winter holidays. The wreath looks equally festive on a door or mantel, so expect this long-lasting favorite to give your home a holly, jolly atmosphere all season long.

Hang the holly wreath inside or outside.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

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Things You'll Need

  • Holly

  • Grapevine wreath form

  • Garden shears

  • Rubber bands

  • 24-gauge paddle wire

  • Bow

  • Pine cone

Step 1

Start with a grapevine wreath form available at craft stores.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Select your grapevine wreath form, which is available in the floral section of your local craft store. Grapevine wreaths are ideal foundations for many types of wreaths because even if the wreath form shows through, it is still attractive. In this example, we've used an 18-inch wreath form.


Step 2

Cut the stems to about 8 inches.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

If you do not have holly growing in your yard, you can purchase it in bulk online directly from holly farms. With garden shears, cut stems of holly to about 8 inches. Remove any berries that have dried or blackened. For this wreath, we used about 30 stems.


Step 3

Tie three holly stems into a bunch.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Using rubber bands, tie the holly stems into bunches of three stems each. Be sure to place a stem with berries on the top of each bunch. Also, try to position the stems so that the leaves all face forward.



If you do not have enough holly, you can supplement the wreath with other green leaves like ficus or magnolia.


Holly leaves have sharp ends, so be very careful when handling them. Wear garden gloves to protect your hands.

Step 4

Wrap wire around the first bunch of holly.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Tie one end of 24-gauge paddle wire to the grapevine form. You can purchase paddle wire in your local craft store. Place your first bunch of holly on the grapevine form, and wrap the wire around the holly. Be sure to go around the bunch twice with the wire – once in the middle and once where the rubber bands have tied the bunch – so the holly is secured in place. Move the leaves around to hide the wire.


Step 5

Overlap the next holly bunch on top of the first.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Place the next bunch of holly on the wreath form so the top of its leaves cover the exposed stems and the rubber band of the first bunch. Keep winding the wire around this holly bunch in the same way. Continue to add bunches of holly as you go around with the paddle wire, making sure that all the leaves go in the same direction.


Step 6

Make sure all the rubber bands are concealed.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

When you've gone all the way around the wreath with the holly, tuck the stems of the last holly bunch underneath the leaves of the first bunch, so all the rubber bands are concealed.


Step 7

Trim stray holly leaves with shears.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step back and look at your completed wreath. Use shears to trim any holly leaves that stick out so you have an even shape all around.


Step 8

Tie a loop on the back for hanging.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Decide where the top of your wreath will be, and on the back side, tie a loop with wire for hanging.


Step 9

Wire a bow to the wreath.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Wrap wire around the middle of a bow, and tie the wire around the wreath to secure the bow.

Step 10

Wire a pine cone around the bow to finish.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Wire a pine cone around the bottom scales so the wire is hidden. Wrap the wire around the middle of the bow. The bow and pine cone finish off the holly wreath in festive style.