How to Make a Wreath Bow

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire-edged ribbon

  • Floral wire

  • Scissors

A beautiful further brightens a wreath.

Making a bow adds new life to an old wreath, or helps make a new wreath match your home decor. Use holiday ribbon to make a wreath bow, and change your wreath to celebrate various holidays. One of the most important parts of making the bow for your wreath is the ribbon. Use wire-edged ribbon as this type of ribbon has a thin wire running the length of the edge and makes it easier to form an attractive bow.


Step 1

Cut the ribbon to the desired length using your scissors. Also cut an 8-inch piece of floral wire, and it aside. Lay the wired ribbon flat and fold it in thirds, from left to right, leave extra ribbon on the left to create the tail.

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Step 2

Make two even loops and one smaller loop smaller. Match the edge of the ribbon on the right to the end on the left to define the tail of your bow.

Step 3

Pick up the ribbon folds and pinch them in the middle. Tighten the wire around the middle and twist in the back of the bow.

Step 4

Pull the small loop to the center. Fluff the loop, making it rounded and centered.


Step 5

Pull the two tail ends to the left side. Adjust so each lies flat, positioning the center loop in the middle of the two tails.

Step 6

Open up the four back loops. Fluff the loops open to make a puffy bow.


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